The original English muffins are a flour batter-cake mixture, without eggs, raised with yeast and very light baked by pouring into tin rings set upon a hot griddle, or baking plate, and turned over when one side is done. When to be eaten, they are pulled open, and the two halves toasted and served hot. American muffins are the same batter-cake mixture made richer, baked in gem-pans or small muffin-rings, or are made of a piece of light bread dough reduced to thinness with warm milk, and enriched with sugar, butter and eggs, and baked as before. There are all sorts, as corn, wheat, graham, rice and rye muffins.

Minute Muffins

One pint milk, 2 beaten eggs, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 large teaspoons baking-powder, flour to make a batter that will just drop from the spoon.


"According to the doctors, the best fruit to eat at breakfast is a plate of mulberries. They contain more acid than most fruits, and yet are sweet and easily digestible." In the United States the mulberry is held of little value; it is not often served as dessert, and a mulberry pie would be accounted one of the poorest. This is probably owing to the abundance of better fruit at the same season, and not that the mulberry is the worse here than in Europe whore it is used in various ways. The best use to be made of it in cooking is to mix it with some sour fruit, apples or rhubarb, when it makes excellent pies and roly-polys.

Mulet (Fr)

Gray mullet.


Whipped jellies; Moscow jellies, from whipped jelly having at first been called Russian jelly. These are combinations of jelly and ice cream made by adding gelatine to fruit juice or pulp and beating on ice till nearly set .hen mixing in whipped cream, putting it in a mould and burying in freezing mixture for 2 or 3 hours. (See Ices).

Musk Essence

Used in flavoring drinks in some places, also jellies and creams; it has been temporarily the fashion.


An old Maryland gentleman, who is somewhat of an epicure, says that between turkey and muskrat he will take muskrat all the time The way the Indians cooked this animal was either to roast it on coals or boil it with corn. The average man will say that he would not eat a muskrat for $10, but the average man does not know what he is talking about. An ordinary cook; however, will get nothing from the rodent except a failure and a bad odor. If the musk bag is cut and the scent is imparted to the meat it becomes worthless.

Nageoires (Fr)


Nageoiresde Tortue

Turtle fins or flippers.


Table linen. Really boiling water will remove most fruit stains from napery; but 1 oz. sal ammoniac and 1 oz. salt of tartar, in a quart of water, will extract them; also sherry or claret stains, if the linen be allowed to soak in the solution a short time.

Naples Biscuits

Small sponge cakes.

Napolitaine (Fr)

Neapolitan; in Naples style.

Napolitaine, Sauce

Brown sauce containing port wine, horse-radish and currant jelly.