Well known garden flower of low trailing habit; the green seeds are pickled as a substitute for capers.



Pommes Au Naturel

Potatoes plain, either in the skins or without sauce.

Navarin (Fr)

A brown mutton stew with assorted vegetables; the meat and vegetables both fried separately, first, then stewed together with water and thickened. The same as haricot of mutton.

Navet (Fr)



English name for a calf.

Neat's Foot Oil

The oil from calve's feet, used for oiling machinery.

Neat's Tongue

Calf's tongue.


The smooth-skinned peach. Not much cultivated in this country in comparison with the peach. Is cooked, preserved and pickled in all ways the same as peaches. The seeds are the flavoring ingredient in noyau liqueur.


Drink of wine and water. Named afta a Col. Negus. Hot water is poured to sherry or port; sugar and slight flavoring.

Nelson Tart

Mixture of almond paste, eggs, butter and flour richer than cake; baked in a crust.

Nesselrode Pudding

Kind of ice cream, made of puree of chestnuts, cream, candied fruits and flavorings. Named atter a Russian statesman. Can be made by preparing a chestnut-custard rich with yolks and sugar, adding any kind of candied fruits or marronsglares, and then an equal quantity thick cream whipped, and flavored with maraschino.

Neuchatel Cheese

Soft kind of Swiss cheese; comes in form of rolls, wrapped in tinfoil. Is made in this country. Easily imitated by making cream-curd cheese in any dairy. Favorite variety with a great number of hotel patrons; gets better as it ripens, and ought to be kept in stock to give time to improve.

Nilsson Cutlets

Cold dish of minced chicken in cutlet form, glazed all over and coated with chopped truffles and olives. Dished ornamentally in a circle with salad in the center.

Nivernaise (Fr)

From Nivernon; a mixture ef vegetables in gravy for garnish; nearly same as macedoine or jardiniere.

Noel (Fr)


Pouding De Noel

Christinas pudding.

Noir (Fr)


Cafe Noir

Black or extra strong coffee.

Beurre Noir

Fried butter, black or, rather, brown, used for sauce.

Noix (Fr)

A nut.

Noix De Coco


Noix De Veau

The cushion-shaped piece of veal that is part of the round, next the flank, suitable from Its shape for larding and glazing.

Noisette (Fr)

A small nut; hazelnut; filbert; also, fillets of meat or fish.

Nonne (Fr)


Nun's Sighs Or Nun's Suppers (Soupers De Nonnes)

Puff fritters, known as Spanish puffs.


American name for nouilles. Shreds of egg paste, sort of macaroni.

Norfolk Dumplings

Boiled light bread-dough. Pieces of the bread dough taken when light, made into balls, allowed to rise again, dropped into boiling water. Eaten either with meat or sweet sauce.

Norwegian Puddings

Cup-puddings or cakes served with wine sauce. Made of 3/4 lb. butter, Yi lb. sugar, 6 eggs, 3/4 lb. ground rice, 1/4 lb. flour, 2 teaspoons baking-powder, flavoring; mixed like cake, put in buttered cups; baked in slack oven, or steamed.