Well-known nut of the hazelnut kind;'served at dessert either with nut-crackers or, if that is not convenient, the nuts ready cracked before being served in the baskets.

Filbert Soup

"I wonder whether any modern chef possesses a recipe for the puree of walnuts which George IV frequently devoured? The foundation was a very strong game stock made from pheasants or partridges, and the walnuts were well pounded and blended with cream. It was a fellow soup to the puree of filberts, which was the favorite dish with his majesty in autumn, and which also was made with pheasants or partridges".

Filbert Creams

Same ways as almonds.

Bisque Of Filberts

Ice cream with pounded filberts, same way as almonds.

Filbert Butter

Is a nice addition to sandwiches, or may be used as a small side-dish. To make it, pound twelve filbert kernels and three ounces of butter thoroughly in a mortar, and season with finely chopped parsley, chives, and tarragon leaves.