The old bird confessedly has a much higher flavor than the young one but do what one may the cook will never obtain the delicacy and tenderness which are characteristic of the young birds. The best way to prepare partridges in perfection is to cook old and young together; the old birds to impart flavor, the young ones only to be served at the table in the first instance, the others to appear in other forms than roasted or boiled, as in salmis or soups.

Partridge. Perdreau Or Perdr1x.

Partridge. Perdreau Or Perdr1x.

Perdrix Aux Choux

Boiled partridge with cabbage. One of the national dishes of France. Two young and one old partridges in a stewpan with 3 or 4 heads of cabbage, 4 sausages, 1 saveloy, 1/4 lb. parboiled bacon, parsley, 1 qt. stock, 1 glass sherry; simmered an hour.young partridges taken out, cabbage, etc., cooked longer. Cabbage pressed, chopped, placed on dish with sliced sausages and bacon as a border, partridges carved and piled in the middle, liquor remaining mixed with brown sauce poured over.

Salmis De Perdreau A L'Ancienne

If you wish for a salmis possessing all desirable qualities do not use the leavings from a previous day, but let the bird be roasted 1/2 hour before dinner, cut it up while still warm and keep in a closed saucepan while sauce (fumei) is made of the bones and trimmings with sherry, onion, thyme, 1/2 a bay leaf, peppercorns and mushrooms and brown sauce. Boil down, strain and pour it over the cut up partridge.

Roast Partridge

Young birds that have been hung a while, slice of bacon over the breast tied on, roasted in the oven about 1/2 hour. Served with game sauce like that with salmis or with jelly.

Perdrix A La Catalane

Partridge browned on the outside in a pan with chopped bacon, onion and aromatics, wine added, braised gently. Raw ham cut in dice, a cupful of cloves of garlic previously parboiled and red pepper added.

Broiled Partridges

May be served with poor man's sauce and Indian pickle. Old partridges are only fit for stewing with cabbage, for stock broth, and glaze of game; but are too tough for anything else.

Braised Partridges

Larded on the breasts, covered with buttered paper in a saucepan with vegetables and aromatics, braised in own steam and liquor 2 hours.

Stewed Partridges

Cut in joints, half fried, broth added, stewed tender, orange juice and littte of the peel, butter and flour ballotines of partridges, to thicken.

Stewed Partridges 25

Or any small birds on rice stand, jelly, truffle on top, etc.

Cotelettes De Perdreaux A La Bacchante

Breasts of partridge flattened, a piece of bone or macaroni stuck in each, bread crumbed and fried, served with white game sauce with raisins, juice of grapes, etc.

Filets De Perdreaux Aux Petitslegumes

Breasts of roast partridges dressed in a crown with young onions, carrots and turnips, cut in shapes and glazed, and game sauce.

Epigramme De Perdreaux Aux Champignons

Two kinds of fillets. (See Epigramme)

Perdreaux En Escalopes Aux Truffes

Thin round or oval slices from the breast in a white game sauce with truffles.

Chartreuse De Perdreaux

An ornamental mould of vegetables filled with larded and braised partridges, pieces of sausage, dice of bacon and jelly. (See Chartreuse).

Perdreaux En Souffle

Puree of roast partridges with cream, yolks, and whipped whites, baked in paper cases.

Partridges A L' Andalouse

Outside fried with butter and ham, espagnole, water, sherry, parsley, aromatics, red pepper, all stewed together 40 minutes. Sauce strained.

Boiled Partdidge With Celery

Boiled with salt pork and vegetables; puree of celery poured over.