Like the paper cases, but formed of paste, almost as thin as paper, done by dipping an iron shape into pancake batter and holding the shape in hot fat until the thin coating of batter is fried and will come off. The shape or mould is like a small tumbler in, shape, but may be of any other form; made of iron or copper, either solid or hollow, has a stout wire handle joined to the top to hold it by. If there is no shape to be had, a substitute is to use tin patty pans or shells, dip the outsides in batter and drop them in hot lard, take off and dip again. Most depends on the batter, it must not have any raising or shortening in, but made same as French pancakes, with 3 eggs, 1 pt. milk and about 3 oz. flour.

Oysters In Paste Cups, Or Caisses

Same as patties; oysters in either white or yellow sauce, sprig of parsley on top.

Paste Cups Au Salpicon

Meat of any kind cut in Very small dice, seasoned, mixed with mushrooms, parsley and white sauce; same as chicken patties.

Compote Of Fruits In Paste Cups

Dished like vol-au-vents.