Two distinct kinds are generally understood by this term. (/) The puff paste shell or vol-au-vent, baked by itself, and the hollow middle filled afterwards. (2) Tiny pies made by lining patty-pans with short paste, filling with the oysters, chickens, etc., and covering with a top crust. The petits fates are generally of puff paste, without patty-pans; the smallest are called bouchees.

Patties De Creme De Volaille

"Make a puree of fowl, cooked in milk (no salt). Use the milk in passing the puree through the tammy; put the whole over the fire in a saucepan, with 2 tablespoonfuls of white vegetable soup; stir till the puree is quite thick, then season with salt. Have puff-paste cases ready, three parts fill with the puree; decorate the top with white of egg, whipped to a stiff foam, colored with saffron, spinach, cochineal, etc.; season with salt, and dry in the oven, but do not color. Set on stands, with lace-paper under the pastry, and a centre piece of flowers rising out of the middle of the stand'.