Green sauce; ravigote.


For fish; white sauce made of seasoned fish broth, yolks added, lemon juice, parsley.


For ducks; green grapes boiled and mixed in espagnole.


For eels, pale green; puree of spinach, chives and tarragon mixed with white ravigote sauce.


White sauce flavored with mushrooms.


Chopped shallots and parsley with an equal quantity of oii and little vinegar and salt; cold.

White Sauce

Either veloute or plain butter sauce.

White Wine Sauce

The broth of fish that has been cooked in wine and water, thickened.

La Belle Sauce

For fish; put 1/2 pt. of cream into a saucepan with 1/8g of a nutmeg shaved, not grated. Beat to a froth the yolks of 2 and 1 whole egg, put the cream over the fire, stir till it thickens, put in 12 oysters (raw) finely chopped, stir till the cream is quite hot and the oysters just set, then whisk in the eggs. Just let the sauce thicken, that is all; remove from the fire, whisk for a few seconds and then dress the fish with it after tasting it and seasoning with salt, or the salt may be added to the eggs. Garnish the fish with rings of apple dipped in flour and fried brown, alternated with half rings of lemon pickle.

Yorkshire Sauce

Orange sauce for ham; espagnole, currant jelly, port wine, orange juice and boiled rind cut in shreds.

Bottled Table Sauce

The recipe for making the genuine Yorkshire Relish is probably known only to the manufacturers. However, the following is said to yield a good imitation of that popular sauce: 1 oz. garlic,

1 teaspoonful cayenne, 2 tablespoonfuls Indian soy,

2 tablespoonfuls mushroom ketchup, and 1 pt. vinegar; boil altogether 10 minutes and strain, and bottle when cold.

Bottled Fish Sauce

The following recipe will be found to yield a good fish sauce: 1 1/2 gals, port wine, 1/2 gal. walnut ketchup, 2 pts. anchovy sauce, 1/2 doz. lemons, 3 doz. shallots, 1 1/2 oz. chillies, 2 oz. horse-radish, 1 oz. mace, 1/2 oz. mustard; boil, strain and bottle.

Your Own Table Sauce

The following recipe will produce a good store sauce: 2 pts. port wine or claret, 2 pts. walnut ketchup, 2 pts. mushroom ketchup, 4 tablespoonfuls anchovy sauce, 2 oz. fresh lemon rind cut very thin, 2 oz. finely scraped horse-radish, 4 cloves garlic pounded, 1 tablespoonful pepper, 1 tablespoonful allspice, 1 teaspoonful cayenne, the same of celery salt, or bruised celery seed, 1 teaspoonful curry-powder; put all the ingredients into a stoneware jar, and shake it well twice a day for a fortnight; then let it stand, and strain it into small bottles for use. These quantities will make very nearly a gallon of sauce; it will keep for any length of time and is very strong.