Flour made of the mixed seed of black and white mustard, deprived of its mustard oil and toned down with more or less meal or farina.

To Mix Mustard

Merely wet it with cold water. Epicures sometimes mix mustard with sherry or raisin wine. The French mix it with tarragon, shallot and other flavoring vinegars, and pepper.

Shakspearean Quotation

In Shakspeare's time the gourmets of the period ate mustard with pancakes. Touchstone puts the case " of a certain knight that swore by his honor they were good pan- , cakes, and swore by his honor the mustard was naught. Now, I'll stand to it, the pancakes were naught and the mustard was good, yet was not the knight forsworn".

Mustard For Baldness

Gerard wrote about the same period: " The seed of mustard pound with vinegar is an excellent sauce, good to be eaten with any gross meats, either fish or fleshe, because it doth help the digestion, warmeth stomache, and provoketh appetite. It also appeaseth the toothache being chewed in the mouth. Ithelpeth those that have their hair pulled off; it taketh away the blue and black marks that come of bruisings".

Mustard Oil Liniments

The bulk of the mustard oil is used for lubricating purposes, though a large proportion, differently treated and put up as a patent medicine, is used medicinally for rheumatics ami other ailments of the joints and limbs.

Mustard Plaster

Mix the mustard with the white of an egg, and all painful irritation will be done away with and the full benefit secured.

Mustard Emetic

Mustard in warm water is often an efficient and ready antidote in the case of poison.

Why It Is Durham Mustard

Prior to the date of about 1720 the seed was coarsely pounded in a mortar, as coarsely separated from the integument, and in that rough state prepared for use. In the year mentioned, it occurred to an old woman of the name of Clements, residing in Durham, to grind the seed in a mill, and pass it through the several processes which are resorted to in making flour from wheat. George I. stamped it with fashion by his approval. From this old lady residing in Durham it acquired the name of " Durham Mustard".

Mustard In Sauces

When it is desirable to put mustard in a sauce, as in Robert sauce for instance, mustard flour, that is, unmade mustard, must always be used. Put a little of the sauce or stock, in a cup, stir in the mustard flour, and then work in with the rest of the sauce.

Mustard Sauce

For fish. (1)-Raw mustard mixed with milk and little salt, more milk added and then vinegar. In short time the milk becomes thick by curdling, and is ready for use; 1 teaspoon flour mustard to 1/2 pt. milk. (2)-1 teaspoon mustard flour and 2 of baked flour with 3 oz. butter, 1 gill boiling water added, boiled; 1 teaspoon vinegar to finish. Douglas Jerrold once went to a party given by a Mr. Pepper, and said to his hoast, on entering the room, " My dear Pepper, how glad you must be to see all your friends mustered".