Bivalve shell-fish, shell about the length of a finger; nearly black, clings in clusters to rocks and wooden piles of wharves.

Trade In Mussels

"All along the Norman coast mussel -fishing is greatly carried on, these shell-fish being sent from here to all parts of the country. They, are at their best in July. The usual way of eating them is boiled, with a sauce of cream and vinegar".

Mussels Au Gratin

A great deal has been recently said about mussels and the various ways of cooking these fish, whose cheapness and abundance put them within the reach of all. One of the tastiest ways of preparing mussels is au gratin, for which the following is the recipe: Choose some fine mussels; season with thyme, laural-lcaf, and parsley; cook. Select fattest, and treat these only. Shell, and cover with a bechamel sauce much reduced, with yolks and cheese grated over. Glaze in a hot oven and serve immediately.

Mussels A La Mariniere

After a few minutes steaming or broiling, take the mussels out of their shells, and toss them in a saucepan with a large lump of butter and finely chopped parsley, chives, and garlic; stir in a little black pepper and bread crumbs. Serve very hot.

Moules A La Poulktte

Mussels in yellow sauce.

Moules A La Villeroi

Fried mussels, dipped before frying in Villeroi sauce; then breaded, egged, and breaded.

Moules De Gras

Mussels stewed with bacon and mushrooms, in thickened sauce.

Coquilles De Moules

Scalloped mussels same as oysters.

Mussels With Tomatoes

Mussels and their liquor, tomatoes, onion, half-fried in butter, white sauce, red and white pepper, salt, butter, little vinegar, parsley; served in deep dish with cru-tons.

Mussel Soups

Same as oyster soups, with or without milk.

Mussel Sauce

For fish; like oyster sauce; mussels in yellow sauce with lemon juice.