Huitres Farcies Dans Leur Coquilles

Specialty mentioned as forming part of the Le Conseil "Judiciaire dejeuner: Put a dozen fat oysters into a saucepan. When the liquor is about to boil, place them on a strainer and strain off water. Take this water and boil it with bread-crumbs and a glass of cream until the bread is thoroughly dried up; then place it in a mortar with butter, parsley, minced shallots, pepper, and the yolks of 4 eggs. Work all these ingredients well together with a pestle. Put this stuffing into the oyster-shells, with an oyster in the middle of each, and cover each oyster over with the same farce. Cover same with bread-crumbs and bake in oven, serving very hot".

California Pepper Roast

Specialty. Oysters in baking plate dredged with Mexican ground sweet pepper, salt and butter; baked in top of very hot oven. Spanish sauce made of oyster-liquor, chopped chillies and tomatoes ready in a hot dish, oysters slipped into it right side up.

Steamed Oysters

Get a wire basket, fill it with oysters in the shell, and immerse in a vessel of boiling water which is deep enough to completely cover the basket of oysters. They are done almost immediately, and must be opened into a hot dish containing melted butter, pepper, and salt.

Oyster Sausages

Take 1/2 lb. lean mutton, 3/4 lb. beef suet, 1/2 lb. oysters scalded and with their beards taken off. Chop all up together, add the yolks of 2 eggs, season with salt and pepper, and make up in the form of sausages, frying lightly in the usual way.

Oyster Croquettes

Oysters scalded and cut, mixed with soaked crackers, chopped veal, batter, eggs, onion juice; shaped like sausages, breaded, fried.

Oyster Potato Balls

Potato-croquette preparation with yolks in it, and chopped oysters added; balled, egged, breaded, fried.

Oyster Kromeskies

Oysters cut up in thick sauce made of their liquor, butter and flour, parsley and lemon juice; when cold and firm enough to handle, rolled to shape of bottle corks, each one rolled up in thin shaving of boiled fat bacon, dipped in batter, fried.

Roasted Oysters

In the shells; placed amongst hot coals, or in a very hot oven; served in the deep shell with spoonful of butter poured over, and toast aside.

Fried Oysters

Dipped in cracker dust, then in egg, then in cracker dust again, dropped a few at a time in hot lard, fried 4 or 5 minutes.

Stewed Oysters

Oysters and their liquor boiled one minute; boiling cream in another saucepan added with salt, pepper and butter to the oysters.

Fancy Stew

The above with a square of toast in a bowl, oysters on the toast which floats in the cream.

Oysters A La Tartare

Oysters scalded and cold served with tartar sauce.

Huitres A La Villeroi

Large oysters, each coated with Villeroi sauce, bread-crumbed and fried.

Huitres En Papillotes

Oysters rolled in oval-shaped pieces of a paste made of mashed potatoes, flour and butter, and baked.

Huitres A La Diable

Broiled oysters with butter, lemon juice, and cayenne.

Huitres Au Parmesan

Oysters in pan with little wine, chopped parsley, bread-crumbs, Parmesan cheese and bits of butter on top; browned.

Andouillettes Aux Huitres

Oyster sausages.

Croutes Aux Huitres

Oysters pounded with cream and spread on small pieces of toast.

Rissoles Aux Huitres

Same preparation as for croquettes or kromeskies, rolled up in thin puff-paste and fried.

Bouchees Aux Huitres

Small oyster-patties.

Petits Pains Aux Huitres

Small oyster-loaves; rolls fried outside, inside hollowed and filled with stewed oysters.

Fried Oysters A La Fortress Monroe

Drained, dusted with red pepper, rolled in cracker dust, dipped in egg mixed with whipped cream, then in fine white bread-crumbs; fried. Salted, served with lemon and parsley.

Fricasseed Oysters

Oysters boiled 2 minutes, liquor strained, thickened with flour and butter and yolks; oysters have sauce poured over them.

Baked Oysters A La Duxelles

Fricasseed oysters with mushrooms added, with cracker dust on top, browned in the oven.

Oysters A La Milanaise

Cooked macaroni with oysters in alternate layers, yellow sauce poured in, cracker dust on top; browned in the oven.

Oyster Catsup

Pounded oysters with their liquor, salt, spices; heated to a boil, little plain proof spirit added; bottled.

Oyster Stuffing

Oysters mixed with bread and crackers with butter, etc., to stuff fowls with.

Oyster Sauce

See Sauces.

Oyster Soup

See Soaps.

Curried Oysters

Are put up in cans, same as the familiar canned plain oysters.

Oysters, English Native

Oysters English Native 22

The cut shows the shape of this oyster which the English claim is the best for eating from the shell. The difference in form of shell from the American oyster can be seen by reference to the cut of " Blue Point," on page 254.