With brown gravy, butter and cheese.

Macaroni With Tomatoes

Macaroni mixed with cheese and butter, tomato sauce poured over; simmered in the oven covered with buttered paper; served with fried croutons.

Macaroni With Oysters

Oysters cut in pieces after scalding, cream sauce made with the thickened oyster-liquor added, and the oysters in layers with boiled macaroni; bread-crumbs and butter on top.

Macaroni And Fish

Same as with oysters, using flakes of boiled cod, salmon or snapper.

Macaroni A La Genoise

Macaroni served with tomato sauce without baking; grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Croquettes Of Macaroni Au Fromage

Bunches of sticks of macaroni parboiled, taken hot and laid straight with plentiful grated cheese among the sticks, rolled up in buttered cloth and cooked in fish kettle; when cold, the bunch of sticks of macaroni adhering together is cut off in lengths of croquettes, breaded and fried; tomato sauce.

Timbales Of Macaroni

Like a macaroni pie. (1) Macaroni in long sticks cooked in a fish-kettle; when cool, coiled like straw in a buttered mould or deep pan to make a close lining; filled inside with chicken forcemeat, steamed, turned out; served with sauce. (2) Mould lined with short lengths of macaroni built up with ends outwards like honeycomb; filled with macaroni, cheese, egg and butter mixture; steamed; turned out whole; sauce, (3) Mould lined with pie-paste proviously decorated with shapes of yellow nouilles paste stuck on with butter, filled with macaroni-and-cheese mixture; baked, and turned out whole.

Timbale De Macaroni A La Florentine

Sweetened macaroni or macaroni-pudding baked in a crust of paste to turn out whole; sweet sauce with raisins.

Macaroni Soups

Numerous. (See Soups).