Petits Pains

Small loaves, rolls.

Pains De La Mecque

Mecca loaves, cream puffs.

Pain De Foie De Veau

Mould or loaf of liver paste.

Pain De Perdreaux

Mould or loaf of puree of partridge.

Pain D'Abricots

A mould of apricot cheese.

Pain De Pomme A La Russe

A mould of apple marmalade with whipped cream in the center and currant jelly round. Pain is the equivalent of English cheese in head-cheese, liver-cheese, etc. "Very excellent fains or cremes can be made of purees of delicate meats, fish and vegetables - creme de homard, creme de crevettes, creme d'artictiauls, pain degtbier, etc. If required to be for Pains de Volaille Aspics, Jelly Salads, etc. served hot, the contents of the mould must be steamed like a pudding, the cream being stirred into the custard in the first instance." "Little cakes made out of rye-flour and abundant currants are very popular in Paris. These pains de seigle, as they are called, arc sold by all the bakers".



Petits Pains A La Fiancee

Rich nut cakes made of 10 oz. hazel nuts pounded with cream, 10 oz. sugar, 2 oz. butter, 18 yolks, 8 oz. rice flour. Baked in sheets on paper, cut in diamonds glazed and iced.