Dishes of all savory sorts that are put together with aspic jelly or aspic mayonnaise, such as pieces of fish placed in order in a mould and fastened there with aspic jelly, the mould being set on ice and the interior filled with something solidified by having melted jelly mixed in, or chicken, shrimps or lobster on a flat dish with aspic cooled upon or around them.

Aspic Of Soles Or Other Fish

Fillets of soles rolled up cone-shape are steamed, half of them placed point downwards in a mould, melted pale aspic jelly poured in to just cover; set in ice to become firm. Some jelly colored green poured into the next tier of fillets point upwards on top of the former when set solid. Yolks of hard-boiled eggs rubbed through a seive, mixed in more jelly to fill up mould when again set. Turned out on a lace paper covered dish; highly ornamented.

Aspic Of Fillets Of Trout

A dozen fillets of fish with butter and seasonings lightly baked in a covered pan and then cooled with a light weight upon them to flatten. When cold, cut out rounds about size of silver dollar are placed in order in a mould lined with a coating of aspic by turning it about on ice and parsley, eggs, anchovies in strips, and capers added in ornamental patterns, the inside filled with more fillets mixed with mayonnaise jelly. Aspics of poultry livers, ox-palates, quenelles, fillets of game, chicken, turtle fins, plovers' eggs and almost anything can be made either in moulds or in flat dishes surrounded with a green salad, or in a border mould, the center to be filled with a salad after it is turned out.

Asnc A La Czarina (Club Specialty)

The meat of 3 grouse pounded in a mortar, seasoned, passed through seive, mixed with a pint of whipped cream, little aspic and chaudfroid sauce. Set in a square shallow mould on ice. Turned out, dressed with brown chaudfroid sauce, decorated with truffles and aspic on a stand of rice, and surrounded with green salad.