Prairie chickens; spruce grouse, ruffed grouse, pin-tail grouse, moor-fowl, and other kinds; larger than a partridge.

Grouse A La Rob Roy

Alexis Soyer, the famous Reform Club chef, bestowed much attention on the cooking of grouse. One of his modes was to wrap the bird to be roasted in slices of fat bacon and sprigs of heather well steeped in whisky. This is "grouse a la Rob Roy".

Grouse A La Russe

After roasting the birds, cut them up into joints, arrange in a pyramid on a dish, and cover over with meat glaze; hand rich gravy in a sauce-boat.

Grouse A L'Ecossaise

Scotch style; the grouse roasted, then cut up; sauce made in the pan with the scraps, backs of grouse, etc., orange juice added; grouse piled up on toasted bread, sauce overall, orange slices around.

Grouse A La Financiere

Grouse stuffed with a forcemeat of the livers pounded with onion, mushrooms, bread-crumbs, butter, salt, pepper; roasted; served with brown sauce and mushrooms.

Marinaded Grouse

The grouse steeped in a pickle of vinegar, chopped onion, bay leaves, juniper berries, pepper corns, for 3 days. Stuffed with turkey stuffing, breasts larded, roasted with constant butter basting. Served with sliced lemons.

Grouse Pudding

Birds cut up, a deep pudding bowl lined with short-paste, thin beefsteak at bottom, then chopped mushrooms, then pieces of grouse, peppered, salted and floured, so on till bowl is full; cupful of gravy added, paste cover, edges wetted and secured, tied down in cloth, boiled 3 or 4 hours. Served in bowl with folded napkin arranged around it, or served from sideboard.

Souffle Of Grouse

Cold roast grouse meat pounded to a paste with 1 oz. butter, 2 oz. cooked rice, aromatic salt, 1/4 pt. meat glaze; rubbed through a seive, 4 yolks added, lastly 4 whites whipped firm; baked in a mould. It rises light in the oven. Served in the mould soon as done, with gravy aside.

Salmi Of Moor Fowl

Cooked birds cut up into a stewpan with olive oil, lemon rind and juice, piece of orange peel, shallot, pepper, salt, cayenne, tossed up till hot through, served hot.

Grouse Soup

Grouse boiled in meat stock, flesh picked off and pounded through seive; soup thickened with butter and flour, strained, 2 yolks added and the puree of grouse. Duchess crusts.

Grouse A La Ailsa

Grouse cut up, the joints dipped in thick essence of game sauce, then in bread-crumbs, then in egg and crumbs; browned in the oven in butter.

Salmis De Grouse Aux Truffes

Roasted; cut up, heated in essence of game sauce with truffles, garnished with croutons.

Grouse A La Commodore

The joints coated with a forcemeat of grouse and dressed in a pyramid with rich game sauce.

Filets De Grouse A La Chanceliere

Breasts of grouse dressed in a crown, with small quenelles of veal in the center, and game sauce.

Salade Aux Grouses

The joints masked with a salmis sauce and aspic (chaudfrqid sauce). Dressed on a salad with mayonnaise sauce, garnish with eggs, beets, etc.

Broiled Grouse On Toast

Split down the back, flattened with the cleaver, trimmed a little, salted and peppered, broiled rare; served on dry toast with maitre d'hotel butter, cress and lemons.

Grouse Au Fumet

Roasted grouse cut up from the bones; the bones broken and stewed in espa-gnole, with aromatics and sherry to make the sauce which is pressed through a napkin by twisting. Served on slices of fried bread with sauce over.

Grouse Au Chasseur

Grouse roasted, cut up, served with chasseur sauce made of 1 pt. espagnole, 1/2 pt tomato sauce, shallots half fried in butter, few mushrooms, parsley, lemon juice.

Grouse With Prune Sauce

Roasted grouse served with sauce made by stewing prunes in red wine and adding them to espagnole. (See game,prairie hens).