A specialty of the southern states; Creole dish; soup thickened and flavored with okra or gumbo, either in its green state or dried and powdered.

Chicken Gumbo A La Creole

Pieces of chicken fried in butter with chopped onion and little ham; when fried light brown, some flour stirred in, and broth by degrees; bunch of parsley, salt, white pepper, sweet chili pepper; to each quart a heaping tablespoonful of gumbo powder dredged in carefully to avoid lumps; and taken from fire at once. Served with boiled rice separately.

Oyster Gumbo

Started by frying onion and salt pork in butter; flour added, little white wine, broth, water, peppers, parsley, thyme, oysters, and liquor; gumbo powder to thicken; served with rice.

Crab Gumbo

Same general method with crabs cut in pieces; soft-shell crabs preferred; served with rice.

Shrimp Gumbo

Large shrimps husked from their coats, fried with onions and salt pork in butter; flour, broth, white wine, water, parsley, green pepper, salt; gumbo powder to thicken; not boiled after gumbo is in; served with boiled rice.