Bceuf Hollandaise

Is smoked beef boiled.

Rosbif A L'Anglaise

Roast btef with Yorkshire pudding and horse-radish.

Pate De Bceuf Aux Pommes De Terre

A pie of minced beef and mashed potatoes with a crust of mashed potatoes.

Bifteck A La Francaise

Broiled steak with French fried potatoes.

Porterhouse Or Fillet Steak A La Bearnaise

Steak broiled and served with Bearnaise sauce over or around.

Tenderloin Steak A L'Hoteliere

Steak fried in butter, gravy made in the pan with cream sauce and essence of beef.

Tenderloin Steak With Olives

Steak fried in oil, gravy made in the pan with espa-gnole and wine; stoned olives added.

Tenderloin (Or Fillet) Steak With Mushrooms

Steak fried in butter or beef fat, gravy made in the same pan of espagnole with Madeira and mushrooms.

Tender-Loin (Fillet) Steak A La Mirabeau

Steak broiled, basted with oil, Mirabeau sauce of garlic, white sauce, parsley, lemon and beef extract.

Filet De Bceuf A La Maitre D'Hotel

Tenderloin steak with butter, mixed with chopped parsley, and lemon juice spread over it; fried potatoes around.

Filet De Bceuf A La Chateaubriand

Thick fillet steaks with extracts of beef, butter, parsley and lemon for sauce.

Filet De Bceuf A L'Italienne

Thin steaks floured and fried brown, served in brown Italian sauce.

Escalopes De Bceuf A La Reforme (Club)

Thin tenderloin steaks, each one between two slices of bacon, breaded, with chopped ham mixed with the bread crumbs, and fried; served with reform sauce of poivrade and harvey sauces, port wine and currant jelly.

Escalopes De Bceuf Ala Nemours

Thin fillet steaks covered with forcemeat and slices of ham, put together in pairs, breaded and fried; sen ed with white sauce.

Escalopes De Filet De Boeuf A L'Ostende

Spread with thick white sauce containing chopped oysters and onions, in pairs, bnaded and fried; brown sauce.

Grenadine De Filet De Bceuf A La Financtere

Thin tenderloin steaks larded, cooked in mirepoix and served in the sauce with financiere garnish.

Tournedos A La Sauce Poivrade

Slices of cooked fillet dressed in a crown alternately with fried slices of bread of the same size; poivrade sauce in the center.

Entre-Cotes De Bceuf A La Bordelaise

Thick rib steaks broiled; bordelaise sauce and pieces of beef marrow.

Bceuf En Saucissons

Very thin slices of beef rolled up like sausages with forcemeat inside, baked in a covered pan; served with the sauce. Other cuts and different parts and ways of cooking may be found under the proper letters.

Beef Rissoles

Minced beef, either raw or cooked, or both mixed; with sausage seasonings and fat, or crumb of bread to make it cohesive, is rolled into sausage shapes and then rolled up in a thin covering of pie paste, egged over and baked.