Pommes A La Hollandaise

Cut raw into shape of sections of orange, boiled barely done, drained, shaken up with butter, salt and parsley dust.

Long Branch Potatoes

Long strings cut with machine, fried.

Fried Puff Potatoes

French fried, cooked slowly while the fat gradually cools, drained, thrown at once into very hot fat and browned. They puff out; to be served as soon as done.

Saratoga Chips

Sliced raw extremely thin with a machine, washed and steeped in water for the starch to settle, drained, friedrurly and crisp in plenty of hot lard; fine salt dredged over. "At the bakery it was learned that the concern has a monopoly of the business in this city, and that there are only three makers of Saratoga chips in the country. Chips are an American institution, and are not known abroad save from some small lots that have been exported. The process of manufactur ing is in part a secret. The potatoes are peeled and sliced by machinery. They are washed and then dried between muslin cloths. If they were now fried, the amount of starch that they contain would make them brown, and the secret of the business is to remove all of the starch, so that the chips will be perfectly white. When this is done they are put into the hot grease, and come out curled and crisp and with the delicious flavor that has made them famous the world over".

Broiled Potatoes

Cold boiled or raw potatoes either can be broiled and buttered while broiling.

French Fried Potatoes

Raw, cut in 12 or more strips lengthwise, thrown into hot lard, fried light brown and dry, fine salt.

Stuffed Potatoes

Baked in their skins, part of inside removed, seasoned with cheese and butter, put back and end replaced.

Potatoes A La Parisienne

Potato balls scooped out of raw potatoes with a "potato spoon" in size of cherries, fried in hot lard.

Potatoes A La Conde

Bails twice as large as the preceding, boiled barely done, finished by frying very light color in hot lard; fine salt and parsley dust.

Browned Potatoes A L'Anglaise

Balls size of crab apples formed with the largest "potato spoon" to imitate new potatoes, but all precisely alike, parboiled, finished in a pan with roast meat fat in the oven.

Pommes A Ua Brebant

Large dice cut from cold boilded potatoes, sauteed in frying pan with minced onion; salt and parsley.

Lyonnaise Potatoes

Sliced cold boiled potatoes in a frying pan with minced onion in butter or fat; salt, pepper and chopped parsley added while frying.

Potatoes A La Militaire

Croquette preparation in small balls fried. More of same formed in a tin mould like a conical tent and the center of it filled with minced chicken; the tent turned out in center of dish, egged over, browned, and cannon balls piled around it with decorations of green.