Pommes A La Creme Au Gratin

Boiled sliced in white sauce with Parmesan cheese, bread-crumbs on top, browned in the oven.

Pommes Au Lard

Stewed potatoes with bits of bacon in the sauce.

Pommes A La Creme

Potatoes in cream sauce; same as "hash cream potatoes" above.

Pommes Sautes

Boiled potatoes cut in slices, fried in a frying pan with butter or sausage fat, salt, white pepper, no onions.

Pommes A La Macaire

"Shoestring" fried potatoes, made by cutting potatoes raw into one unbroken string; there are machines for it.

Pommes Soufflees

Baked in their skins, the potato mixed with butter, Parmesan cheese, eggs, salt, put back into the skins, set on end in a pan and browned.

Pommes Farcies A L'Italienne

Like soufflees preceding:, but the potato pulp mixed with rice and cheese.

Pommes Nouvelles A La Creme

New potatoes in cream sauce.

Potato Quenelles

The potato croquette preparation in small balls, rolled in plenty of flour and fried quickly before they burst, as they will if the fat be not hot enough.

Puree De Pommes A La Maria

Mashed potatoes quite soft with cream and butter.

Pommes En Surprise

"Before I close I'll give publicity to a tasty recipe for cooking a potato (and "fixings") which reaches me from Newfoundland: Bake large potitoes in their skins till three-quarters done, nearly cut off one end; with a fork hollow out the center of the potato and fill in the hollow with a shaving of broiled bacon, peppered and tightly rolled; close the potato by the lid end, bake for 5 minutes".

Pommes A La Bignon

Boiled potitoes in their skins, peeled when cold; inside hollowed and filled with mutton mince highly seasoned, end closed with piece of potato, browned in butter in the oven.

Pommes A La Reitz

French fried potatoes.

Pommes A La Bordelaise

Cut thin like chips, fried soft, taken up into frying pan and finished with butter, onion, parsley fried together.

Pommes A La Brabanpot Conne

Dish of baked mashed potatoes in which parboiled onions and parsley and cheese are mixed; browned in the oven.

Pommes A La Villageoise

Hash-cream potatoes.

Pommes A La Bretonne

Cold boiled, in blocks fried with onions; brown sauce.

Pommes A La Colbert

Cold boiled, in blocks simmered in brown sauce with parsley.

Pommes A La Navarroise

Raw, cut in large blocks, parboiled, fried light color in oil.

Pommes A La Rouennaise

Preparation as for potato croquettes; in very small balls dipped in batter and fried like fritters.

Pommes Croustades A La Regente

Potato croquettes, one end cut off and part of inside hollowed out, filled with patty mixture of lobster, etc., end replaced, served standing upright.