Anna Potatoes

A specialty at Delmonico's renowned New York restaurants. Cut very thin slices right across the largest potatoes; lay the slices in flat layers on a small plate that will bear the heat of the oven. Spread fresh butter freely over the potatoes; then add another layer, and so on until the potatoes are about four inches high. " Delmonico's " recipe gives 1/2 lb. fresh butter to 2 large potatoes. Bake until the potatoes are tender, about half an hour, in a quick oven.

Potatoes A La Bonne Bouche

Slice some boiled potatoes; chop a blade of shallot, also a little parsley very fine; place them in a stew pan with 3 oz. of butter and a pinch of mixed sweet herbs; let simmer slowly 5 minutes, then put in the potatoes, sprinkle some seasoning over them, and let simmer gently for 10 minutes, occasionally stirring to prevent burning. Just before serving squeeze the juice of 1 lemon over the potatoes.

Potato Croquettes

Steamed dry potatoes with salt, little butter and yolks added; mashed; rolled to shape of bottle corks, egged, rolled in cracker dust, fried in hot lard; served with fish and entrees.

Potatoes A La Duchesse

(1) Same preparation as potato croquettes; made into thick roll, sliced off, slices on a floured board patted into leaf shapes, marked with back of a knife, washed over with egg, baked light color; served with fish or entrees. (2) Large cold boiled potatoes sliced, cut with a wetted tin cutter, salted, egged over, baked.

Potatoes A La Victoria

Same preparation as potato croquettes made into round balls, egged over, baked light color in quick oven.

Potatoes A La Gastronome

Potatoes cut raw into shape of bottle corks with a tube cutter, boiled barely done in salted water, drained out, finished by frying in hot lard quickly, light color, dredged with fine salt and parsley dust.

Potatoes A La Monaco

Potato cut raw into shape of silver half-dollars or little thicker, cooked same as a la gastronome.

Potatoes A La Julienne

Cut raw into very fine shreds like straws, fried quickly in hot lard, dredged with salt and parsley dust.

Curly Potatoes

Cut raw with a kind of paring machine into long spirals, fried by throwing into kettle of hot lard; salt and parsley dust.

Potatoes A La Serpentine

An instrument like a corkscrew with auger in center goes through a potato and makes a cord of potato like the strand of an untwisted rope; these smooth spiral cords arc fried as usual; served as garnish to fish or entrees.

Pommes A L'Anglaise

Boiled in their skins, peeled, cut in quarters if large, shaken up in a hot dish with soft butter, salt and parsley dust; sent in hot with the butter poured over.

Pommes De Terre En Chemise

Potatoes in their jackets.

Pommes A La Maitre D'Hotel

Boiled, cut in quarters in hot d'hotel sauce.