Culinary Terms And Various Information Pertaining To The Steward's Department, Being The Essence Of All Cook Books, Telling In Brief What All Dishes And Sauces Are, Or What They Should Look Like. What Materials Are Needed For And What They Are. How To Use To Advantage All Sorts Of Abundant Provisions, Or How To Keep Them Containing, Also, A Valuable Collection Of Restaurant Specialties, Distinctive National Cookery, Remarks On Adulterations, And How To Detect Them, Treatment And Service Of Wine And A Fund Ok Curious And Useful Information. In Dictionary Form, For Stewards, Caterers, Chefs, Bakers, And All Hotel And Restaurant Keepers.

Dinner Party At Adelphi Hotel, New York

Blue Points.

Chicken a la Reine.

Kennebec Salmon, Anchovy Sauce.

Pommes Parisienne.

Olives. Celery.

Terrapin a la Maryland.

Chicken Croquettes Petits Pois.


Fillet of Beef, iarded, with Mushrooms.

Mashed Potatoes.

Lobster and Chicken Salads.

Canvas-back Duck.

Saratoga Chips. Currant Jelly.

Rum Omelette.

Cheese, Fruit, etc.

Cafe, Liqueurs, Segars.

Italo-American Epicurean Club Reception, New York


Varies. hors d'ojuvre. Varies.

Striped Bass a la Hollandaise.

Beef Tenderloin, with Mushrooms.

Potato Croquettes. French Peas.

Roast Chicken. Turkey.

Lettuce Salad. Celery. Cranberry Sauce.

Lobster Salad.

Chicken Mayonaise.

Vanilla Ice Cream.

Assorted Cake. Fruits. Bonbons.


Cheese. Coffee.


Cook's Association, London Ex Hibition. Menu

Soups. Julienne.


Tranches de Saumori, Sauce Verte. Blanchailles.

Entrees. Poulet Saute a la Portugaise.

Releves. Quartier d'Agneau, Sauce Menthe.

Second Service.

Car.utons Roti.

Salade a la Francaise.

Asperges, Sauce Hollandaise.


Babas, Sauce Abricot.

Glace a la Vanille.

Gateau Assorti.

Commonwealth Club, Metropol Itan Hotel, New York. Menu

Blue Points.

Consomme de Volaille aux Quenelles.

Baked Bluetish, Bordelaise.

Cucumbers. Potatoes au Gratin.

Leg of Mutton, Caper Sauce.

String Beans.

Porterhouse Roast a l'Anglaise.

French Peas.

Cardinal Punch.

Spring Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.

Lettuce. Brussels Sprouts.

Pudding a la Reine.

Glace a la Forme.

Gateaux Assortis.

Fruit Coffee.


Another Of The Same Menu

Blue Points.

Consomme Deslignac.

Boiled Kennebec Salmon a la Russe.

Cucumbers. Potatoes Brabant.

Sirloin of Beef, larded Jardiniere.

Cauliflower au Gratin.

Salmi of Partridge a la Perigeux.

String Beans.

Roman Punch.

Philadelphia Capon, Water-cress.

Green Peas.

Cabinet Pudding, Brandy Sauce.

Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Assorted Cake.

Cheese. Fruit.


Al Fresco

An enthusiastic tourist thus describes a supper of which he partook recently upon an island in Lake Erie: "And such a supper! Black bass killed twenty minutes ago, cut up and fried to an external crisp and internal juicy firmness; grass pike baked whole and done to a turn, which would strike envy into the very stew-pans of a French 'artist;' a peck of little perch fried as crisp as shavings and as 'sweet as nuts:' a half dozen roast mallard, stuffed with soul ravishing sage and onions; a pot pie from whose delicious depths coots, reed birds, snipe and teal emerge in succession; potatoes roasted in their jackets, and best of all, tin plates, wooden benches, the glorious back-woods, absence of etiquette and every man for himself".