An Acrostic Menu

The following complimentary menu to a young lady named Lilian does credit to its author:

L es hultres d'Ostend.

I talian et Printanier Royal.

L ottes a la Massillon.

I ndienne de riz sur croustades.

A iguillettes de canards St. Hubert.

N oisettes de pre sate, Lyon d'Or.

B ombe a la Romalne.

O rtolans et perdreaux eur canapes.

N ouilles en timbales a la Napolitaine.

V eloute de cardons a la moelle. O melette souffiee Si vanille.

Y okohama glace au Clicquot. A bricots et fruits confits.

G aufrrettes et petits fours.

E spalier de chasselas Fontainebleau.

Possibly the waiters were as much in a maze about the order of serving such a feast as the guests were amazed at the delicacy of the giver thereof.

Canard, Sauce Au Sang

One of Joseph's little dinners. (M. Joseph, of the Restaurant du Cafe Paillard, Boulevard des Ita-liens, formerly of Bignon's).


Hultres d'Ostende.

Potage au Tapioca, a la Puree de Pois, a l'Oseille.

Turbot, Sauce Hollandaise.

Cfttelettes d'Agneau braisees a la Puree de Champignons.

Canard Sauvage Roti, Sauce au Sang.


Tomates au Gratin.

Riz a l'lmperatrice aux Mandarines.

Fromage et Fruits.

Pontet-Canet, 1878. Cardinal, Sec, Frappe.

An English Private Party. Menu

Ox-tail Soup.

Twbot and Lobster Sauce.

Filleted Soles.

Oyster Pudding.

Kidneys, with Murhrooms.

Saddle of Mutton.


Grouse. Pheasant.

Wine Jelly. Apricot Cream.

Cheese. Canapes.

Cheese and Celery. Ice Pudding. Dessert.

At A Scottish Nobleman's Menu

Potage des Asperges. Puree de Navets.

Fried Soles. Halibut.

Rabbit a la Kirkham. Roast Criwfish.

Chicken a la Marengo. Quails a. la Princess.

Roast Lamb a la Dudley.

Roast Grouse.

Imperial Pudding. Broiled Peaches and Cream.

Pistachio Fritters. Cream Cheese Fritters.

Lemon Jelly. Strawberry Cream. Ices.


At A Cold Ball Supper

The following is the menu of one of the largest ball suppers given during the past winter season, and served by the leading local caterer:


Raised Pies (Veal and Ham, Pork, Game, etc.). Roast Fowls. Pressed Tongues. York Hams.

Mayonaise of Salmon. Lobster in Aspic.

Galatine of Veal. Sandwiches. Boned Turkey.

Italian Salads. Sweet Salads of Fruits.

Tipsy Cakes.

Neapolitan Gateau. Creams. Jellies.


A Hot Supper Of The Same Class. Menu

Soup a la Relne. Asparagus Soup.


Truffled Turkey. Ox Tongue. Sirloin of Beef.

Lamb. Broiled Chicken. Yorkshire Ham.

Game Pie. Pheasants.

Trifle. German Pastry.

Fruitjelly. Creams.


The menu cards were pretty, no two being alike, yet all of delicate design.