Literally couches, sofas, but in culinary language pieces of toast or bread with something spread upon them.

Canapes Aux Anchois

Chopped anchovies and eggs on fried bread.

Canapes Au Fromage

Cheese melted in the oven on fried bread.

Canapes A La Prince De Galles

Mixture of anchovies, ham, truffles, gherkins, oilimd vinegar in small hollowed rolls, decorated with aspic mayonnaise.

Canapes A La Windsor

Chicken, ham, cheese, anchovies, butter, cayenne", salt, pounded to a paste together, passed through a seive, spread on fried bread, crumbs on top; baked a few minutes.

Canapes Of Sardines

Strips of fried bread spread with sardine butter made by pounding sardines with hard-boiled yolks and butter, mixed with parsley, mustard, etc.; a boneless, half sardine on each one; served hot.

Canapes Of Shrimps

Fried rounds of bread spread with thick shrimp sauce and picked shrimps enough to cover the sauce.

Canapes De Volaille

Chicken canapes or sandwiches with buttered bread, shred lettuce, mayonnaise sauce on the lettuce, breast of chicken and fillets of anchovy next, and bread on top.