Coquille De Homard

Lobster in the shell; scalloped lobster made by cutting the meat of cooked lobster small, putting it in a yellow sauce containing onions, wine, yolks, etc., filling plated scallop shells or the back shell of the lobsters with it; crumbs and butter on top; baked.

Croquettes De Homard

Same as cutlets except the shape.

Rissoles De Homard

Croquette-preparation rolled in paste and fried.

Petits Volauvents De Homard

Lobster patties.

Bouchees De Homard A La Bechamel

Smaller patties filled with chopped lobster in cream sauce.

Mayonnaise De Homard

Lobster-meat with lettuce and mayonnaise; decorated.

Lobster A La Antalse

Cold; the lobster boiled in ordinary court-bouillon; the creamy part from the head with the coral, and some yolks and mustard stirred with oil, to make mayonnaise; the lobster-meat sliced in a bowl, and sauce poured over.

Stuffed Lobster, Narragansett Style

Like devilled crabs; lobster-croquette preparation filled in the pieces of lobster shell; crumbed, buttered, baked.

Tlrban Of Lobster A La Mazarin

Sliced lobster with forcemeat and sauce in a border mould; steamed till set firm, turned out, and center filled with oysters, mushrooms, fish quenelles, and sauce; served hot.

Ballotines Of Lobster

Lobster meat cut small in creamy sauce; used to stuff tomatoes, which are then placed with the aperture downwards in little patty pans and steamed; served hot or cold, with fish-quenelles and sauce, or in aspic.

Lobster Cheese

Like head cheese. Lobster chopped or sliced, mayonnaise jelly made and stirred into it; seasonings; set in a mould. (See Mayonnaise).

Lobster A L'Irlandaise

Meat of a boiled lobster in a stewpan with mustard, vinegar, cayenne, and flour-and-butter for thickening; covered, simmered 5 minutes, glass of sherry added; served hot with lemon.

Lobster Pudding

English; lobster-croquette mixture containing eggs, boiled in a mould for an hour; served with lobster sauce.

Lobster En Brochette

Pieces of lobster alternately with slices of bacon strung on a skewer; buttered; broiled.

Lobster Cream In Aspic

Lobster meat in white sauce set with gelatine.

Mazarins Of Lobster

The preceding and similar jellied forms set in small moulds, called mazarin moulds.

Lobster Soup

(1) One quart stock to I can lobster, 1 cup milk, 2 yolks, parsley, pepper, salt, flour-and-butter worked together enough to thicken it. (2) Fish broth, 2 qts.; 1 can lobster, milk thickened with starch added, and butter and seasonings.

Lobster Soup A L'Indienne

Fried vegetables and aromatics, broth, wine, and lobsters boiled together; curry powder, pounded lobster shells, butter and flour boiled in the liquor; lobster meat in the tureen, and the curry soup strained over it; rice separate.

Bisque Of Lobster

Made of rice and lobster. Butter, onions, ham, salt pork, and parsley fried together; cut-up lobsters in shell thrown in; wine, broth, seasonings; boiled an hour. Lobster meat and shells pounded in a mortar, passed through seive; rice the same; broth passed through seive, lobster liquor added, and sherry; not boiled; served with fried sippets of bread.

Lobster Sauce

(1) White butter-sauce with lobster coral to color it, and lobster cut in small dice. (2) Butter sauce, salt, white pepper, nutmeg, cayenne, lemon juice, anchovy essence, lobster butter, strained; lobster meat cut small added; it ought to be pink in color.

Lobster Butter

Coral and eggs of cooked lobsters pounded in a mortar, mixed with equal quantity of butter; rubbed through a seive.

Lobster Salad

See Salads.