Corned Fish

Salted fish; not smoked.


The horn of plenty; classical emblem of abundance; much used by cooks and confectioners in decorative work.


English; a thick cap of woolen material to drop over the tea pot to keep it hot while the tea is drawing; is sometimes highly ornamented with needle-work.

Coster Or Custard Apple

Fruit of the West Indies.

Cotelettes (Fr)

Cutlets. These meaning originally mutton or lamb chops having the rib bone in them, the end of the bone trimmed serving as a handle, all the unusual things denominated cutlets or cotelettes are imitations of the cutlet shape with iittle regard to their composition.

Cetelettes De Huitres

(1)-Large, flattened, fried oysters in bread crumbs, with a stick of macaroni inserted to represent the chop bone, and perhaps a paper frill upon it. (2)-Oysters cut small, mixed with bread crumbs, sauce, yolks, etc., made out into cutlet shapes; breaded and fried. (See chicken cutlets, etc).

Cote De Boeuf (Fr)

Ribs of beef.


A national Russian dish of eggs and cabbage baked like a pie; made of 2 cabbages, 2 large onions chopped and fried, salt, pepper, 4 oz. butter; all stewed till tender; when cold, 6 chopped hard eggs mixed in; made like a thin fruit pie, with bottom and top crust of puff paste; cabbage filling; egged over; baked.

Couronne (Fr)

Crown. Fillets or small pieces of meat are dished en couronne when piled in ring form.

Couronne De Brioche

A ring-shaped plait or twist, or loaf of brioche.

Couglof (Fr.); Kauglauff (Oer)

A class of yeast-raised cakes, of which "election cake " is the American example.


A highly seasoned liquor to cook fish in; consisting of: (1)-Water, white wine, salt, pepper, onion, cloves, bay leaf, thyme, parsley and a carrot. (2)-In creole cookery it is a brown sauce containing tomatoes, oil and garlic.

Couvert (Fr)

Cover; the table setting; the plate with folded napkin, knife, fork, etc.

Diner De 40 Couverts

Dinner of 40 plates, or persons.


Coventry puffs or tarts, made like "Banburys." Turnovers of triangular shape with raspberry jam inside; sugar glace baked on top.


Often mentioned in foreign recipes; they are calves' feet of a larger growth, and can be used the same ways; are used to make gelatinous soups; soused in vinegar; stewed with odds and ends of raw meat to make brawn or head cheese.

Crab Salad

Crab meat with chopped celery and salad seasonings.

Crab Gumbo

Crabs cut in pieces partially fried with butter, shallots and ham; broth added, little white wine, aromatics, green pepper, a tablespoon gumbo powder to each pint of soup; dredged in carefully; served with boiled rice.

Bisque Of Crabs

Crabs in pieces; with vegetables fried in butter; broth and wine added; then pounded shells and all with boiled rice, and passed through a seive; soup thickened with this puree; sherry to finish; served with fried bread.

Canned Crabs

Crab meat ready-prepared can be bought in cans; it can be used for all the hot dishes where picked crab-meat is called for, and for soups and salads. "In England crabs are in season all the year round, but are best in the warm months. Ail crabs over 4 1/2 inches across the broadest part of the shell, crabs in roe, and soft-shell crabs, are illegal".