Most ancient of vegetables used for food and still popular; classed among the most nutritious, containing nitrogen, the same as meat, which causes its strong odor.

Odor Of Boiling Cabbage

Three remedies which prevent the offensive smell are: (/)-borax in the water, 0)-a piece of bread tied up in muslin and boiled with it, (3)-a large lump of charcoal tied up and boiled with it.

Bubble And Squeak

Is a dish of fried cabbage and beef.

Cabbage Au Gratin

Boiled cabbage in layers with grated cheese and butter, pepper and salt, with breadcrumbs or cracker dust on top; baked.

Cabbage A La Milanaise

Cooked cabbage in a dish, thin broiled ham on top, butter sauce poured over, grated cheese for top crust, baked.

Cabbage Sprouts With Eggs

The young sprouts from cabbage stalks boiled; an omelet laid flat on dipped toast and cabbage sprouts on top of omelet.

Cabbage Stewed With Butter

Young cabbage quartered and blanched, cut small and fried in butter, broth added, stewed down, little white sauce or flour to finish. Cabbage a i.a St.


Stuffed with sausage meat, wrapped with slices of fat pork, stewed with flavoring of sherry in broth, sauce poured over cabbage when served.

Paupiettes Of Cabbage A La Milanaise

Cabbage leaves blanched, sausage meat, parboiled rice shallots and parsley mixed and rolled up three leaves thick; simmered in saucepan close packed for an hour.

Cabbage A La Navarraise

Stewed in butter and broth flavored with garlic, cloves, etc.

Choux Farcis

Stuffed with sausage meat, same as St. Denis.

Choux En Surprise

Cabbage stuffed with chestnuts.

Creamed Cabbage

Boiled, drained, stirred up in a saucepan with butter and cream.

Cakhage A La Lilloise

Fried cabbage, put in raw; chopped, with onion and butter.

Boiled Cabbage And Bacon

Quarters of summer cabbage boiled green and drained, a slice of bacon on each.

Cabbage A L'Allemande

Boiled, drained, chopped, boiled bacon cut in dice mixed with it and little white sauce.

Baked Cabbage

Cooked cabbage minced, in layers with minced cold meat in a dish lined with crumbs, and bacon on top; to be turned out whole.

Red Cabbage With Sausages

Stewed with broth and vinegar; boiled sausages around in the dish.

Red Cabbage A La Flamande

Fried salt pork, shredded cabbage and sliced apples together, broth and brandy added, and finished in covered pan in the oven.

Pickled Cabbage

White is generally colored yellow with turmeric; red cabbage is usually preferred for pickling.

Cabbage Salad Or Cold Slaw

(1) Plain white solid cabbage shaved as fine as hay, seasoned with salt, vinegar, etc.; generally served with oysters. (2)-Chopped cabbage and apples, salt, vinegar, pepper and capers.

Hot Slaw

Shaved cabbage in hot creamy sauce of vinegar, water, butter, eggs, salt, sugar; scalded, not boiled.


Shaved cabbage in layers in a barrel with salt between, pressed down and kept till it becomes sour.

Cabbage Soups

Consomme Paysanne contains shred cabbage; and vegetable soup with a salt pork or corned beef seasoning and large proportion of cabbage.

Cabbage To Keep

Burying in a bank of earth, heads downwards and stalks and roots left on, covered with a foot of earth, is found to be the best way.

Cabbage As A Panacea

Hippocrates had a peculiar affection for cabbage. Should one of his patients be seized with a violent colic, he at once prescribed a dish of boiled cabbage with salt. Erasistratus looked upon it as a sovereign remedy against paralysis. Pythagoras and several other learned philosophers wrote books in which they celebrated the marvelous virtues of the cabbage.