Champagne Sauce

Sauce made by mixing gooseberry or apple champagne with brown sauce and little sugar; served with roast ham.

Channel Bass

The redfish of the South, or sea bass. It is known by its having a black spot on each side of the tail; attains a weight of ten or fifteen pounds; is cooked like snapper and any sea fish.

Chancellor Pudding

A steamed cabinet pudding made of sliced small sponge cakes, macaroons, raisins, citron, in a buttered and ornamented mould; filled up with custard before steaming.

Chapon (Fr)



Fish like a trout, or the cisco of the American lakes; found in the lakes of the north of England; cooked, potted, etc., like brook trout.

Charcutier - (Fr)

Pork butcher.

Charcuterie (Fr)

The pork butchers' manufactures; products of pork and other meats, such as Strasbourg cerveals; Nancy chitterlings; andouitlettes, saveloy pig's liver,' pig's feet with truffles; rilleltes de Tours; boudins,' cervelhtivurst,' schinkenwurst;plockwurst; Frankfurt -wurstchen ,' also brawn, galantines, etc.


The best deodorizer; best nonconductor of heat for refrigerators if finely pounded; necessary for broiling meals. A supply for a hotel can generally best be obtained by engagement with a countryman to burn a pit, as it is called, though some make a business of it and go around and take orders. The tinsmiths have to have it, and can often direct a steward where to buy. The price of charcoal ranges from 7 or 8 to 15 cents per bushel in ordinary localities. Charcoal should be kept dry. The dust remaining is good and useful to destroy the smell of chicken coops, waste barrels, tainted meats, etc.


A sweet dish made of a casing of cake or bread, the inside of fruit or cream.

Apple Charlotte

See apples.

Charlotte De Poires

Pear charlotte.

Charlotte Aux Fruits

Several kinds of fruit stewed with wine in a charlotte made same as with apples.

Charlotte Russe

Not to be confounded with chartreuse. Charlotte russe is varied in several ways; it is alining of either lady fingers or sliced sponge cake, placed around the inside of a mould and filled up with a cream containing gelatine enough to set it, pure whipped cream is the best, sweetened and flavored. Small charlottes to be served individually are made in muffin rings and turned out when set, or in fancy paper cases and served in them, when whipped cream without gelatine is sufficient.

Charlotte A La Polonaise

A sponge cake cut in slices, the slices dipped in flavored cream and built up into their former shape; the re-formed cake is covered with whipped cream and sugar and decorated with jelly; served very cold.

Charlotte Prussienne

A charlotte russe solidified by partial freezing, wine jelly being poured in the mould first 1/2 inch deep, lady fingers around when that is set; filled up with Bavarian cream and set in a pail of freezing mixture till wanted.

Charlottes Glacees

Frozen charlottes; made by lining a mould with lady fingers and filling with ice cream; the name according to the filling; as Charlotte Glacee a la Plombieres - Is filled with a white tutti frutti. A wetted paper is first to be laid in the bottom of the mould.

Individual Charlottes Glacees

Square cases made of 4 sponge drop biscuits joined at the ends with icing, filled at serving time with ice cream.