There are half a dozen or more kinds. Black bass, northern; black bass, southern; striped bass, rock bass, channel bass, sea bass or red fish; all regarded first-class for the table and for sport. The southern black bass is a coarser looking fish than that of the North; its scales are larger and it is not so finely marked as its northern brother, neither is its flesh so firm and hard; but the meat is very sweet and it does not have the strong grassy taste that some of those found in western waters have. It is the best fresh-water fish found in the South, notwithstanding it seems to be one-third head - it is the large-mouthed variety. Northern bass have the quality of keeping fresh longer than other fish, and are safe kinds to buy and satisfactory to serve, especially in restaurants where one or two pound sizes are in demand.

Broiled Bass With Bacon

A favorite way of calling for bass. The fish scored deeply on each side and broiled whole; crisp-broiled bacon served on top of the fish and cut lemons the only sauce.

Broiled Bass

Split, dipped in flour, broiled, basted with butter brush, served with maitre d'hotel butter.

Bass A La Maitre D'Hotel

Broiled whole, butter worked up with parsley and lemon juice spread over the fish.

Bass Stewed

In shallow saucepan whole, with onions, can tomatoes, little wine, espagnole sauce, salt, pepper, parsley, stewed 40 minutes. Sauce reduced and strained over.

Bass A L'Etuvee

Stewed bass. Cut up, white butter sauce mixed with onions made and fish stewed in it; claret, nutmeg, parsley, sauce and croutons.

Bass In Matelote

Matelote is a fish stew. This has cut-up fish cooked in red wine stock, dipped out, sauce strained and thickened, glazed small onions and mushrooms added.

Stuffed Black Bass, Crayfish Sauce

Fish opened, stuffed, tied together, simmered in wine stock in covered boiler. Gravy thickened with flour and egg yolks and made pink with lobster or crayfish butter; crayfish tails garnish.

Striped Bass A La Conte

Whole, baked in oven with oiled paper over and wine and broth in the pan, oil, salt, pepper, shallots, parsley, sauce thickened, espagnole added, strained over.

Fillets Of Striped Bass A La Bordelaise

Each fillet cut in two, being 4 from each fish, steeped in oil and lemon juice, drained and dusted with flour; dipped in egg yolk mixed with warm butter and in bread crumbs, and broiled. Sauce made of heads or bones boiled down and tomato sauce added.

Fillets Of Bass A 1a Manhattan

The flesh of the fish chopped fine, made into flat croquettes and fried. Dished in cirle, tomato sauce in center.

Fillets Of Bass En Papilotte

Small pieces well shaped partly fried in butter; taken out, and thick pasty sauce made in same butter of onions, mushrooms, wine, thick veloute, parsley, yolks, poured over the fillets and cooled. Each fillet on a sheet buttered note paper with the sauce covering, paper doubled over and edges pinched, baked brown; fine herb sauce.

Bar A L'Eau De Sel

Plain boiled in salt water.

Bar Sauce Au Beurre

Broiled and served with butter sauce.