For cooking purposes is of two kinds or more: Scotch and pearl barley; the latter is larger grain and whiter; either kind answers for cooking; both are cheap, costing less than rice and swelling to a great bulk in boiling water.

Barley Broth

Mutton, barley, turnips, onions, or leeks, and water; not thickened otherwise than with the barley.

Barley Soup

Meat stock and various vegetables cut small, some barley well boiled separately and added along with flour thickening.

Cream Of Barley

A rich white soup of chicken or veal, or other white stock, with celery and mixed vegetables; barley rubbed through a strainer, cream or milk and little bntter and parsley.

Barley Water

Gruel for the sick, made by boiling barley in two waters and straining off.

Barley Puddings

(1)-Boiled barley with butter and a custard mixture of eggs and milk; baked. (2)-Boiled barley stirred up with molasses and suet; baked.

Barley Bread

Made of a mixture of barley meal with flour. Scarcely known in this country, but used in lands where there is no cornmeal.

Barley Bannocks

Flat cakes of barley meal baked on a griddle; very thin.