Dried bananas crystallized in sugar before quite dried out.

Baked Bananas

Breakfast dish; split, laid in pan with butter and sugar over, baked to a state like candy.

Fried Bananas

Either whole or cut across, dipped in syrup, then rolled in flour and dropped into hot oil or lard till crisp outside.

Banana Fritters

Cut in two across, steeped in rum or any liquor or wine and sugar; drained, dipped in fritter batter and fried; rolled in powdered sugar or served with a sauce.

Banana Pie Or Pudding

Mashed, mixed with sugar, lemon juice, butter and eggs, and baked in a dish with bottom crust of paste.

Banana Covered Pie

Sliced, sprinkled with lemon juice, sugar, bits of butter, moistened with wine or brandy, baked with bottom and top crust.

Banana Ice Cream

Two bananas, pulped, to each quart of cream.

Banana Candies

Flavored with extract; also, in imitation of peeled bananas.

Banana Cake

Two sheets of cake, sliced bananas dipped in sweet wine laid between; banana-flavored yellow icing on top.

Bananas For The Table

Among the very best of fruit. They have the ends cut off, are wiped with a cloth and placed on stands in their skins.

Banana Ambrosia

Cut up with oranges, cocoanut, wine and sugar.

Banana Fritters (2)

Mashed bananas 1 1/2 lbs., flour 1/4 lb., sugar 2 oz., lard 2 oz., and 1 or 2 eggs. Dropped by spoofuls in hot lard. Bananas baked are served up with baked monkey in Brazil, like our oppossum with sweet potatoes.