" In Spanish Honduras the dish of honor is baked monkey, and sweeter meat you could not imagine. These monkeys live up in the branches of trees and on the vines; their feet never touch the earth beneath them, and they live on the choicest nuts and fruit. No chicken was ever so sweet and tender as baked monkey." "The Anamite Tuduc, just deceased, was a curiosity among Emperors. The two chief institutions of his palace were his harem and his kitchen. He was an old man, and only allowed his sacred face to be seen by mandarins of high rank. His principal meal consisted of never fewer than twenty courses, among which was his favorite delicacy of roast monkey. He frequently received a fatted ape from his subjects as a present, and nothing was more acceptable. His manner of daily life was said to be morel uxurious than that of his over lord, the Emperor of China." " Here is a Mandingo (African) bill of fare which Reade, the explorer, leaves on record for the amusement of the curious. ' Then followed,' he says, 'gazelle cutlets a la papillots; two small monkeys, served cross-legged and with liver sauce on toast; stewed iguana, which was much admired; a dish of roasted crocodile's eggs; some slices of smoked elephant (from the interior); a few agreeable plates of fried locusts, land crabs and other crustacs; the breasts of mermaid, or manatee, the grand bonne-bouche of tne repast; some boiled alligator and some hippopotamus steaks.' While this dinner does not equal in courses some of the elaborate feasts of civilized lands, certainly no one will say that it lacked variety".