"The Prince of Parisian gourmets, and one of the few men on whom the mantle of Brillat-Savarin decended, has recently died. Charles Monselet was born at Nantes, and spent his early years in the shop of his father, who was a bookseller. After many struggles he worked his way up to the foremost rank of journalism, and was one of the livelist chroniquerus on art, letters, and good living in Paris. His articles were full of wit, point, and piquancy. - Saint-Beuve used to say to him 'Resumez vous, Monselet, and write a book. 'There are so many books,' was the answer, ' that I abhor to add to their number.' Nevertheless the lively chronicler became a voluminous contributor to book literature, without adding in any degree to his reputation as a writer.

In Order To Revive The Traditions Of Brillat

Savarin and Grimod de leRey-niere, he wrote the 'Almanach des Gourmands,' and the 'Cuisine Poetique.' He also founded a magazine, Le Gourmet, which did not live; but Monselet as has been well said, never invented a new dish nor wrote a solid book".