Mock Crab

Cheese, bread crumbs, butter, vinegar, cayenne and salt, with an egg, made up to resemble devilled crabs, baked in shells.

Mock Duck

Thin beef steak covered with duck stuffing, rolled up, tied, cooked tender in gravy in the oven.

Mock Turtle Soup

Made of beef stock with calf's head boiled in it. The head boned and pressed, cut in dice when cold and put in the soup to substitute turtle. (See Soups).

Mgelle (Fr)


Sauce Mcelle

Marrow sauce.

Monte Sano Cake

Variation of angel cake. Has butter in it. Equally as white but not quite so woolly. Is shorter eating, better to roll up for white jelly roll. Choice cake in any shape. Made of 42 whites, 2 1/2 lbs. sugar, 1 1/2 lbs. flour, 1/2 lb. butter, 4 teaspoons cream tarter; flavoring. Make up like angel cake, have the butter melted, not hot, and beat it in after the flour.

Montpellier Butter

Green butter, served cold as sauce for fish, lobster, etc. Made of green herbs - tarragon, chervil, pimpernel, chives - scalded, drained and pounded; garlic, capers, hard yolks, anchovies, gherkins, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg and tarragon vinegar worked into the paste at last.

Monte Sano Pudding

Excellent example of a souffle, and one of the best puddings ever made; composed of 3 oz. flour, 3 oz. sugar, 3 oz. butter, 3 eggs, 1 pt. boiling milk. The eggs separated; the yolks, sugar, butter and flour stirred together like cake, boiling milk poured into the mixture. When cool, the whites whipped stiff and mixed in; baked in a pudding dish; wine sauce. It may perhaps require a little more milk if too stiff to take in the whites. Is like yellow sponge cake, but soft.

Montreal Pudding

Steamed raisin pudding, made of 1 lb. bread-crumbs, 3 oz. sugar, seggs, 1 pt. milk, 1 lb. raisins, 1/2 lb. flour; steamed 3 hours.


A kind of mushroom with a netted surface, something like a piece of sponge on astern. They are stewed, fried, added to sauces.

Morilles Aux Croutons

Morels stewed, and served with the sauce on buttered toast.

Morilles A L'Andalouse

Morels cooked with oil, wine, ham, and served in the sauce.

Morilles A L'Italienne

Served with Italian sauce.

Morue (Fr)

Salt cod.

Motsa Bread

See Jewish Cookery.

Moule (Fr)


Moule D'Aspic A La Royale

A mould of round slices of chicken, truffles, mushrooms, cock's-combs, white of egg in shapes, cream sauce and aspic jelly to fill up and set it.

Moules (Fr)


Sauce Moules

Mussel sauce.

Mousserons (Fr)

Mushrooms; the large or full-grown open ones. Champignons are small or button mushrooms.

Mousquetaire Sauce

Cold or salad sauce of oil, tarragon vinegar, mustard, shallot, salt, and pepper.

Moutarde (Fr)


Mud Puppy

"Another delicacy is the mud-puppy, which comes from Ohio. It is a lower form of lizard than the hell-bender. It is a foot long, with a lizard-like body, and a long, exceedingly slabsided thin tail, with which it propels itself in the water with great rapidity. On the back of its head are gill tufts. When the mud-pappy is too long out of water, the tufts dry, and it dies from want of breath. Its feet are funny little things that straddle and sprawl around like a puppy's. But the reason why it is called a mud-puppy is that, when fishermen wandering with fish-spears along the borders of Western lakes and streams happen to bring up a mud-puppy, it utters short, sharp barks".