The French quart; is about 2 1/2 American pints.


"I do confess, though, that on one of the last occasions of my dining in Honduras I did not feel that all was well, when at the end of the meal I found that I had stuffed myself with baked lizard. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the lizard, except our petty prejudices. It tasted splendidly; but when at last I saw the big, scaly leg and the claw of the lizard, I don't think I liked it" (See Guana).

Longe De Porc (Fr)

Loin of Pork.

Lordkoll Cake Or Almond Pudding

Paris specialty. " Call it any name you like. It is called Lordkoll Cake here. This is how it is prepared: Prepare 1 lb. sweet almond powder, to which add 1/2. bitter almonds, all very dry. Add 1 lb. powdered sugar. Take 16 eggs, of which separate the yolks from the whites. Add yolks to mixture, working them in carefully. Beat up whites with vanilla and add. Take Charlotte moulds, which butter and flour. Fill your mould with the mixture, and bake in a slow oven. Cakes to be served hot and usually cvered with an English or vanilla sauce".

Love In Disguise

Is a calf's heart stuffed, then surrounded with forcemeat, next rolled in powdered vermicelli, lastly deposited in a baking dish with little butter and cooked in the oven. Serve it in the dish with, its own gravy.

Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds form one of the most common dishes known to the Barri of Central Africa. The pods when gathered are bored and strung on reeds and hung in the sun for drying, after which they get to the table.

Lottes (Fr)



Candies made without boiling, of powdered sugar, sometimes starch and adulterations and gum mucilage, cut out and dried.

Lemon Ac Id Lozenges

Made of 8oz. icing sugar, 1/4 oz. powdered tartaric acid, lodrops oil of lemon; mixed with mucilage of gum arabic into a paste, rolled out and cut into lozenges. (See Licorice).


Often named in relation to gastronomy. A Roman general. Lucullus' suppers cost in our money ten thousand dollars each. He was perhaps the most refined entertainer among the famous few whose names are immortal because of their extravagance.

Boudins De Volaille A La Lucullus

Quenelles of chicken forcemeat with puree of truffles in the center of each. They are formed with two spoons, poached, glazed and colored in the oven, served in a shape of fried bread with allemande sauce.

Fillets De Becasses A La Lucullus

Breasts of woodcocks coated with forcemeat and served on a border of toast with a thick pur£e of woodcocks in the center and game sauce around. Any dainty and expensive or tedious ornamented dish of birds or small game is designated a la Lucullus by any ambitious chf, particularly dishes of ortolans or larks with truffles, whether hot or cold.

Lyonnaise Garnish

For braised meats; consists of stuffed onions, cooked chestnuts, and sliced sausages in the braise liquor and espagnole.

Lyonnaise Sauce

Brown onion sauce with a small proportion of tomato sauce mixed in.