The common lark, which is called in Paris mauvielle, is generally looked upon as a wholesome, delicate, and light game. It is dressed in various ways; and the gourmets appreciate the value of the excellent lark-pies, which have established the reputation of the town of Pithiviers in France.

How To Judge Larks

The physician of Queen Anne, Dr. Lister, like his royal mistress a great gastronomer, appraised the goodness of larks by their weight. He laid down the rule, which has ever since been held sound, that twelve larks should weigh thirteen ounces, and that if below that weight they are not good.

Larks A La Francaise

Pick and clean (leaving the livers in) six larks, cut off the heads, wing-bones, and feet just below the second joint; tie a piece of fat bacon over each, put them in a stewpan with a gill of chicken consomme, in which throw a dessert spoonful of chopped parsley, three chopped chives, one tea -spoonful of white pounded sugar; let them stew for fifteen minutes, add salt to taste, and serve with the sauce in which they have been stewed.

Mauviettes Grillees

Larks split open and broiled, on toast or fried bread.

Mauviettes En Salmis

Salmis of larks.

Mauviettes A La Chipolata

Cooked in the oven and served with a chipolata garnish of chestnuts, small sausages, etc.

Mauviettes En Caisse

The larks are boned, the bones and trimmings boiled with vegetables and bacon to make sauce; livers and chicken livers cut in dice, fried with onions, rubbed through a sieve; liver paste placed in the oiled paper cases, lark on top, slice of bacon over it, baked 15 minutes.

Turban De Mauviettes A La Parisienne

Boned, stuffed with game forcemeat, braised, dished crown-shape, quenelles in center and game sauce.

Mauviettes En Cotelettes

Boned larks, spread with force-meŁt, breaded, browned in oven, served with brown sauce.

Croustade De Mauviettes

Larks boned, stuffed and Baked in a croustade of fried bread.

Lark Pie

Larks trimmed, stuffed with bread stuffing, seasoned; slices of bacon and beefsteak in a dish, larks on top, broth and seasonings, top crust of paste; baked an hour or more. (See Alauviette).