Cotelettes D'Agneau A La Duchesse

Spread over with Duxelles sauce, made cold, breaded, fried; served on a border or puree of green peas with mixed vegetables in white sauce in the center.

Cotelettes D'Agneau A La Pompadour

Cutlets half sauteed to set them in shape, coated with a mince of bacon, veal, truffles, herbs, seasonings, wrapped in buttered writing paper, cut to fit, cooked in the oven, but finished on the gridiron to make thebroiler marks. Served in the papers with their own gravy still inclosed.

Cotelettes D'Agneau Farcies Aux Truffes

Cutlets larded, coated with puree of truffles in thick sauce, made cold, then breaded and fried; brown sauce.

Cotelettes D'Agneau En Belle Vue

Cold dish; larded ornamentally with tongue, etc., braised, laid in a dish, melted aspic poured over, cut out when cold with the coating of jelly upon them. Served with mayonnaise-aspic.

Epigramme Of Lamb

See epigramme.

Blanquette D'Agneau

Small round slices of cooked lamb and tongue in white sauce, with parsley and button mushrooms; served in a casserole or border.

Tendrons D'Agneau

The breast cut in pieces.

Lamb cutlets.

Lamb cutlets.

Macedoine in center, silver skewer and truffle, on ornamental stand of nouilles paste.

Quartier D'Agneau A La Broche

Fore-quarter roasted.

Quartier D'Agneau A La Hoteliere

Roasted and served in a sauce of maitre d'hotel butter and cream.

Cotes D'Agneau A La Chanceliere

Fore-quarter to be served whole. The shoulder is cut off, the meat is chopped into a kind of well seasoned sausage meat, put back on the ribs, breaded over, browned in the oven.

Selle D'Agneau A La Bonne Fermiere

Roast saddle of lamb with a border of breaded lambs fries and mint sauce.

Selle D'Agneau A L'Allemande

Saddle boned, stuffed, braised, served with vegetable garnish.

Selle D'Agneau A La Villeroi

Boned, stuffed, braised, covered with thick Allemande sauce, grated cheese and bread-crumbs, browned.

Gigot D'Agneau A La Palestine

Leg of lamb with puree of Jerusalem artichokes.

Epaule D'Agneau A La Montmorency

Shoulder boned, stuffed, larded, braised, served with Toulouse garnish of mushrooms, etc.

Pate Chaud D'Agneau

Lamb pie, hot Minced Lamb - Cooked lamb minced fine, seasoned highly, made hot in thick gravy, piled in middle of dish with poached eggs and fried croutons around.

Lamb Cutlets With Puree Of Mint

Cutlets 1/2 inch thick breaded, fried, served with mint sauce.

Roast Lamb A La Dudley

Leg of lamb with skin removed, surface larded with strips of sweetbread and kidney; covered with the caul fat of the lamb, roasted, mint sauce.