Toulouse Duck

"As every restaurant of any note in Paris, so does every town in France, pique itself on some particular dish. So it is that the citizens of the different towns temporarily located in Pans meet together on fixed and solemn occasions to partake of the dish of their town. Now ask a Tou-lousian what, next to the cholera, his home is celebrated for, and he will answer you, probably, as he answered me, 'Canarda la mode de Toulouse.' Do you want to know how to make it? Take a young duck, bone it; now take half a pound of calf's liver, minced, the duck's liver and heart, a quarter of a pound of minced calf's liver-fat, two handfuls of grated bread-crumbs, two eggs, some parsley minced up with a suggestion of garlic and a little onion, minced and fried in butter. Mince all these ingredients up together. Fill the duck up with this stuffing, sew it up, wrap it up in a napkin, tying the ends together, plunge it into its native element, boiling, and let it cook for an hour or an hour and a quarter, boiling hard all the time.

When the water has run off (as it is proverbial it will do), serve it with a piquant sauce, and agree with me that Toulouse was not built in vain".

Rouen Duck

When full grown will often surpass the Aylesbury in weight, but it does not come so early to perfection, nor is its flesh so delicate as a duckling. But as an autumnal duck it has no fellow. When fully grown it should be hung till tender, and then dressed as a wild duck and served with port-wine sauce or with the bigarrade or Seville orange sauce.

Saute De Caneton Aux Morilles

The ducklings cut up as for a stew, the legs with 2 onions stewed gently, the breast pieces added and cooking continued, some morel-mushrooms added, 1 ladle meat gravy and some glaze; the onions taken out and parsley and lemon added.

Canard A La Puree Verte

Duck cut up and stewed in broth with little garlic, onions, thyme, basil, parsley, bay leaf, salt, pepper; pint of green peas boiled and passed through a seive, duck liquor also drained and added to the puree of peas, reduced or thickened with buffer and starch, poured over the pieces of duck.

Braised Duck

Ducks fried in a pan with lard until the outside is brown; taken up and flour stirred in the pan and broth or water to make thin gravy, vegetables, herbs and seasonings added, ducks put in and simmered in the gravy 2 hours.

Savory Duck

Duck cut up, bacon and butter fried together and flour added, broth to make thin gravy, onion, herbs and seasonings. Pieces of duck fried in butter separately, then put into the gravy and stewed an hour; gravy strained; served with peas.

Canard A L'Italienne

Stuffed with liver and bacon, mixed herbs, truffles cut into dice, all thickened with yolks, roasted, served with Italian sauce.

Filleted Duck

A duck roasted 1/2 hour, the meat cut from the breast in long, neat slices, laid in a bright saucepan with brown gravy, highly seasoned, and 1 glass port; simmered gently 15 minutes; served on a border of mashed potatoes, with peas in center and gravy over the duck.