The Maitrank

Gernian specialty. A good-sized bunch of woodruff leaves in a bowl, with a bottle of still hock steeped an hour, 2 or 3 oranges sliced in, 1 liqueur-glass each chartreuse, maraschino and curacao, 1 bottle sparkling wine, sugar to taste; served as a cold punch.

The Prince Of Wales

Having invented the long drink called 'lemon squash,' has now added to his laurels by inventing a 'short drink;' consisting of rye whisky, powdered sugar, ice, a small piece of pineapple, some Angostura bitters, a little lemon-peel, a few drops of maraschino and a splutter of champagne".

Egg Lemonade

Is a new beverage that barkeepers find it pay to include in their drink -list: Put into a pint-tumbler a teaspoonful of powdered sugar, the juice of 1 lemon, a little water and 1 egg; fill up with finely broken ice; then shake rapidly and briskly in a cobbler glass. It may be imbibed through straws".

Milk Shake

Shaved ice, sugar, milk; any flavoring as desired; well shaken to make foam.

Charlie Paul

Half-pint tumbler filled with shaved ice, 1 tablespoon raspberry syrup, 1 liqueur-glasss brandy; filled up with new milk; shaken; straws.

Milk Punch

Tumbler with ice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 wine-glass brandy, 1 liqueur-glass rum; filled up with new milk; shaken; nutmeg on top; straws.

Washington Punch

Large glass of shaved ice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 liqueur-glass no-yeau, 1/2 wine-glass brandy; filled up with new milk; shaken; powdered sugar on top; straws.

Royal Aquarium Milk Punch

Six eggs, the yolks beaten withSoz. sugar; the whites whipped and then mixed in with 1 wine-giass curacao, 1 bottle brandy, 1 bottle rum, 2 qts. new milk, 3 bottles soda; well mixed; enough for 25.

Athenaeum Claret Cup

"The following recipe for claret-cup is the one adopted at the Athena;um Club: The rind of half a lemon, 1/4 pint hot water poured on two ounces of sugar and 4 sprigs of borage; let it cool; add a bottle of good claret and 1 bottle of soda-water; put in 1/2 lb. of ice and stir thoroughly; withdraw borage and serve. It will be observed that brandy or other liqueur is studiously excluded".

Hot Punch

Four ounces loaf-sugar rubbed on a large lemon, juice of the lemon squeezed to the sugar in a bowl, 1 pint boiling water, added, 1/2 pt. each rum and brandy, 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg.

Beer Cup

One quart porter or bottled beer, 1 teaspoon moist sugar, 1 slice toast, nutmeg, ginger; steeped together 1/2 hour.

Pousse L'Amour

One-half glass maraschino in a wine, glass,1 yolk on top, 1/4 glass vanilla cordial next, 1/4 glass brandy on top; not mixed or broken.

Pousse Cafe

Five drops raspberry syrup in a wine-glass, 1/4 glass each of maraschino, curacao, chartreuse and brandy; the five colors not to be mixed or broken till drank.


One-third each brandy, maraschino, Angostura; in strata; not mixed.

Brand Scaffa

One quarter each of raspberry syrup, maraschino, green chartreuse and brandy; in strata; not mixed.

Golden Slipper

Half wine-glass of yellow chartreuse, 1 yolk, 1/2 wine-glass Danziger goldwasser; not mixed, nor broken.

Sherry Flip

Glass half-filled with ice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 egg, 1 1/2 glasses sherry; shaken; nutmeg on top.

Sherry Cobbler

A tumbler of shaved ice, 1 tablespoon sugar, piece of lemon peel, essence of cloves, 1 tablespoon port, 2 glasses pale sherry; shaken, pineapple and orange slices and mint added; straws.

Hari Kari

Glass half filled with ice, 1 teaspoon sugar, lemon juice, 1 wine-glass whisky, filled with vichy water, fruits of the season on top. Whisky Crusta - 1 tablespoon gum syrup, 4 drops Angostura, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 liqueur glass maraschino, 3/4 glass whisky, 1/2 glass shaved ice, mixed, poured into glass, the edge frosted with sugar.


Tumbler with shaved ice, 1 tablespoon sugar, juice of 1/4 lemon and 1/2. orange, 1/2 liqueur glass rum, filled up with Burgundy, stirred; straws. (See hot brews, wines, spirits).