Brandy Punch

One-half pint water with 3/4 lb. sugar, peel of 2 lemons, little cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cloves; all simmered, strained, and 1 bottle brandy, juice of 2 lemons, very hot; set on fire in bowl, and served burning.

Philadelphia Cooler

"The latest drink, and the one that is all the rage in Saratoga, is the 'Philadelphia cooler.' It was first made by bartender A. D. Kibbe, who has mixed beverages at the United States for fourteen years; but it can be got at either of the three other first-class bars. As it is made of champagne, and costs something like a dollar a drink, it fitly represents the two main characteristics of the season - champagne drinking and extravagant pleasures. There never was so much money on tap at Saratoga as at present, and the interest taken in champagne by the drinkers is phenomenal. With the King of the Dudes backing one brand, Monsieur L,ippa treating to another, and a private individual rushing his favorite simply because he believes it better than any other and does not want the fact overlooked, there has been enough wine drank to float a ship. The drink called the ' cooler' is prepared by half-filling two big glasses with cracked ice, putting in a little mint and two lumps of sugar, pour half a pint of champagne on top, and squeezing the mint with a crusher or mixer until its essence pervades the champagne.

After a night spent in drinking coolers the average dude can find his way to bed - if one of the porters steers him correctly".

Champagne Cup (Saratoga)

One bottle champagne, 1 qt.-bottle German seltzer-water, 2 oranges sliced, sprigs of balm and borage, 1 oz. sugar; in a covered jug imbedded in ice for 1 hour; then strained into decanter.

Cider Cur

One quart cider, 1 liqueur-glass brandy, 1 pt. seltzer-water, 1 oz. sugar, sprigs of balm and borage; set in ice for an hour; decanted.

Electrical Cocktail

Is the latest American drink.

According to Electrical Review, a flexible lead from the electrolier ends in a platinum curl. A trifle of sugar is added to the fluid, the platinum curl lowered into it, and the current turned on to make the curl red-hot. A small amount of the alcohol and sugar is carbonized, and the resulting burned-sugar flavor is said to be very delicate. It promises to be a fashionable winter-beverage, and can be made cold or hot".

Idlewild Toddy

Is composed of half a lemon, half an orange, sugar, chopped ice, whisky, and just a dash of Santa Cruz rum. It is flavored with Benedictine cordial; then shaken and served in ice".

Fruit Pyramid

Half a lemon, 1 tablespoon each of lime juice and pineapple juice; 4 oz. sugar, (no liquors), ice; filled up with rich milk; shaken.

The Steinway

Sugar, whisky, ice and Apollinaris water.

The Daisy

Five drops Angostura bitters, lump of sugar rubbed on a lemon, 1 liqueur-glass port wine to dissolve sugar, shaved ice; filled up with ginger ale; shaken.