Brandy Champerelle

One wine-glass each curacao, brandy and bitters, with shaved ice.

Port Negus

One bottle port, peel of 1 lemon, 2 crushed cloves, grated nutmeg, sugar to taste, 1 qt. boiling water.

Champagne Cocktail

A large lemonade glass half filled with shaved ice, 2 drops each orange, lemon and gentian essences; 1 tablespoon each orange-flower water and syrup; well shaken; 1 glass champagne added.

Jersey' Cocktail

Large glass with ice, essences, syrup and champagne cider.

Bridal Boquet Cup

Two quarts thin, clear syrup, 1/2 pt. orange-flower water, 1 pt. lime juice, 1 tablespoon noyeau; served 1/2 glass of this mixture with iced soda and 1/2 glass champagne.

Liqueur Eustache

Large glass half filled with ice, 2 tablespoons syrup, rind of a lemon tied in a knot, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 liqueur-glass cognac, 1/2 glass absinthe; filled up with soda; stirred.

British Lion

A liqueur-glass Scotch whisky, 1 tablespoon each cherry-syrup, lime juice and bay rum, peel of 1/4 lemon in glass filled up with boiling water.

Cinderella Cup

One bottle raisin or angelica wine, 1/4 pt. strong syrup mixed in a bowl, 1 qt. lemonade, ice, sprigs of scented verbena. Liqueur Supreme-1/4 pt. each maraschino, kirschwasser and curacao, 1/2 pt. strong syrup, 1 bottle brandy, or champagne.

Cask Gingerade

In a 10-gal. keg: 9 gal. syrup 1 pt. essence ginger, 1/2 pt. essence lemon, 1 oz. yeast, 1 oz. isinglass; bunged up with cotton 3 days; then corked tight, or bottled and wired.

Jersey' Lily' Julep

Large lemonade-glass half filled with shaved ice, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 wine-glass cognac, 1 glass champagne, sprays of jessamine or orange flowers, nutmeg, dust of sugar on top.

Rose Nectar Julep

Lemonade-glass with ice, 1/2 glass each rose nectar and cognac; 1 spoon sugar, 4 slices lemon, red rose buds dusted with sugar, rim of glass rubbed with lemon; straws.

Christmas Julep

Large lemonade tumbler, the rim wet with whisky and dipped in powdered sugar to frost it; 1/2 filled with ice, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 spoon maraschino, 1 1/2 wineglass whisky, piece lemon-rind, 1/2 pt. milk; stirred; bay leaf dusted with sugar set in; straws.

Moselle Cup A La Prince De Galle

A punch-bowl made ice-cold; 1 pt. rye whisky, 1 bottle pale sherry, 2 drops ambergris, 1 drop musk-essence, 2 tablespoons grated pineapple, spray of verbena; all set on ice for 2 hours; then added 2 bottles sparkling Moselle.

Punch A La Sandringham

One pint new-made green tea, 4 oz. sugar, 2 tablespoons port-wine jelly dissolved in the hot tea, 1 lemon sliced in, 1 bottle whisky, 1 glass brandy, 3 drops ambergris.


" 'To make ypocras hit were gret lernynge.' The ' ypocras' would not be acceptable to a generation which likes the curacao dry. Red wine was the foundation of this drink, and to it there were added ginger, cinnamon, spices of various kinds, sugar-candy and other condiments, according to whether the drink was being brewed for those of high degree or for common people. The butler is to taste it constantly, 'alleway,' the writer declares, and if the result be not perfect, ginger, cinnamon or sugar is to be added until it is all that it should be".