Alligator Eggs

Are eatable and sometimes displayed for sale in Florida markets. They are esteemed by the natives of the West Indies, and so are crocodile's eggs in the East.

Alligator Apple

Name of the custard apple of the West Indies. Eaten raw. It is called the coster in the British West Indies, and being formerly sold by peddlers in London caused them to be called costermongers, a name now applied to all small peddlers of marketings.

Alligator Pear

A fruit of the West Indies. Is common also in Mexico where it is called the avocado (advocate). It is eaten raw in the same ways as muskmelons, usually with salt and pepper, and is sliced up in salad with oil and other dressings.

Allumettes D'Anchois (Fr)

Strips of anchovies wrapped in paste and fried.

Alose (Fr)


Alouette (Fr)

Lark. Alouetles a la minute, a hasty dish of larks, French restaurant specialty prepared as follows: Sautez in butter twelve larks (cleaned and plucked, of course). Withdraw as soon as the butter has colored them. Brown in the same butter two or three minced shallots, a pinch of parsley, and twenty mushrooms sliced. As soon as the mushrooms are cooked, add a spoonful of flour, and moisten with a glassful of white wine and a small cupful of bouillon. Allow the larks to stew for some minutes in this sauce. Brown in butter croutons of bread, as many as there are birds. Serve each lark on a croilton and pour over the dish the mushroom sauce. Other small birds may be prepared in the same way. (See Mauviettes).

Aloyau (Fr)

Sirloin of beef.

Alphabet Pastes

For soup; the same paste as macaroni and spaghetti, but stamped into very small letters or ornamental shapes which swell in boiling. Can be bought in packages, one pound or less. Not expensive.

Amandes (Fr)


Am Andes Pralinees (Fr)

Burnt almonds; parched and sugared almonds.


Literally food for the gods; a bowl of sliced oranges and pineapples, grated cocoanut, sugar and wine.

Amber Clear Soup

A name for clear soup, bouillon or consomme.

Amber Jelly

A name for gelatine jelly when of an amber or golden color. Amber is a substance like jellow glass or rosin, found on the sea coasts, used for mouth-pieces in pipes, and in jewelry.

Amber Pudding

A boiled or steamed lemon bread pudding.


Literal meaning grey amber, used by the liquorists to flavor cordials, bitters, etc.; highly valued in perfumery. It is a substance of the consistency of wax, found in sperm whales; also found floating in masses, weighing one or two hundred pounds in the Indian Ocean. Ambergris flavor is said to be a favorite with the Prince of Wales, and confectioners and caterers use it the more on that account.

Ambergris Essence

Made of an ounce of ambergris steeped in a quart of proof spirit in a warm place for a month, the mixture- is then filtered. Two or three drops will flavor a quart.

Ambergris Cream

A whipped cream stiffened with gelatine (Bavarian cream), flavored with ambergris essence and colored yellow, set in a mould on ice.

Ambergris Jelly

Gelatine or calf's-foot-jelly, flavored with ambergris.