Various hot drinks.


Hot spiced port and burgundy mixed with water according to taste.


Hot spiced burgundy with roasted crab-apples floating in it - "obviously an antique custom, since Shakespeare makes Puck refer to 'the roasted crab in the bowl,' which the mischievous sprite delighted to make bob against the old gossips' lips".

Mulled Wines

"For making mulled wines generally, it is said that you should take of spices five - cloves, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and mace - boiling them in a pint of wine until the concoction is quite aromatic and bitter. It should then be bottled off and kept in store, a table-spoonful of the essence to be used for flavoring whatever wine is mulled. For sweetening, loaf-sugar is indispensable, unless prepared syrup be preferred".

White Wine Whey

For colds made by pouring a wine-glass of cowslip-wine into 1/2 pt. boiling milk; it immediately curdles, is strained, and the clear liquor sweetened is drunk hot.

Lait De Poule

Made of 1 egg beaten up with sugar, 1/2 pt. hot milk poured to it, and a spoonful of brandy.

Hot Apple Tea

For colds; sliced apples with sugar, boiling water poured to them, steeped; the liquor drunk hot.

Yard Of Flannel

Spiced ale heated nearly to boiling point (the spice being ginger and nutmeg), an egg or two beaten up in it, and sugar; poured from one large glass to another several times, drank foaming and hot.

Wassail Bowl

N'iime applied to hot beer and wine, with spices and spirits added, in the olden time.

Loving Cup

Any hot brew or punch was a loving cup-when the glasses of the drinkers were clinked together and toasts and sentiments were pledged.


A roasted apple in a glass, 1 teaspoon sugar,'whisky enough to cover the apple, hot water to fill up.


Whisky, brandy or rum with lemon, sugar and hot water.

Councillor's Cap

Made of 1/4 lb. loaf sugar rubbed on the rind of 2 oranges; 1/2 pt. orange juice, juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 pt, brandy, 1 pt. boiling water.

Creoles Skin

Quarter glass boiling water, i glass black currant wine, a dash of gin.

Merry Men

Half glass boiling water, I glass Irish whisky and a dash of bay ruin.

R Ed Pepper Skin

Half glass boiling water, 1 teaspoonful essence of capsicum or pepper sauce.

Ginger Skin

Half glass boiling water poured on i teaspoon grated ginger; 15 drops essence of capsicum.