Nouilles (Fr)

A yellow paste made of flour wetted with yolk of egg only, rolled out thin as paper, cut in shreds for soups, or cut in leaves and fancy shapes to decorate pates and meat pies with; also for making raviolis, noques, etc. (See Italian Cookery.) Nouilles are cooked with cheese, or with butter, or tomatoes and gravy, in all the same ways as macaroni.

Nouvelles (Fr)


Pommes Nouvelles

New potatoes.


A liqueur or cordial flavored with nectarine, bitter almond and peach kernels.

Noyau Cream

Whipped cream flavored with noyau and set with gelatine. (See Bavaroise).

Nudeln (Ger)

Nouilles; noodles.

Oignon (Fr)


Olives, Meat

English name, without apparent reason, for thin slices of meat rolled up with forcemeat inside; thus there are "veal olive" pies, the rolls placed in order in a dish with gravy and a crust of paste, and many similar dishes.

Olla Podrida

See Spanish cookery.


American country luxury. The 'possum is like a young pig; its skin is cooked with it the same way, being freed from the hair by scalding and scraping. The famous Southern native dish of 'Possum and Sweet Potatoes has the 'possum split open, surrounded with potatoes cut lengthwise, all baked in a pan together with salt, pepper and lard or fat of some kind. Served with corn bread. This animal is hunted with dogs; is found in hollow trees.

Orchanet Root

A coloring ingredient to be bought at drug stores, used to make red butter for coloring cardinal sauce, etc.

Oreilles (Fr)


Oreilles De Veau Aux Champignons

Calves' ears with mushrooms.

Oreilles D'Agneau Farcies

Lambs' ears stuffed, breaded and fried. Oreilles de Porc a la Ste.


Pigs' ears breaded and baked, served with remoulade sauce.

Oreilles De Porc Braisees

Pigs' ears braised in stock, served on spinach.

Oreilles De Porc A La Lyonnaise

Cut in strips in brown onion sauce.


Almond syrup or milk of almonds. It is made with milk for orgeat ice-cream. "And now a tip to you, ladies and gentlemen, how to make orgeat as the Frenchman likes it, and probably often asks you for it. Take 2 1/2 lbs. of bitter almonds, 1 lb. 1 oz. of sweet almonds, 20 lbs. of white sugar, 9 pts. of water, the peel of 3 lemons, and 12 drops of essence of neroli. Throw the almonds into boiling water, leave them for 10 minutes, then place them in cold water and remove their skins; then pestle them up with the sugar, and, after adding the 9 pts. of water and the lemon peel, let them boil a minute or two, and finally pass the decoction through a seive, taking care to press out all the milk in the almonds. Orgeat is usually drunk with cold water (half-and-half), with a dash of rum in it. It makes a most wholesome and refreshing summer-drink".


Specialty. Shell-fish found on the Florida as well as the French coasts. "Wot you of ormers, a shell-fish, known popularly as 'Venus' ears,' from the shape and mother-of-pearl beauty of them? They are only to be found at very low tides, and are out of season from June to September. Choose those of medium size, lay them in salt and water, beat them well, add season according to taste. Stew for 2 hours in Bechamel sauce - if preferred in brown sauce, dip first in flour; if fried, dip in flour. They are extremely good curried, but they always require a long time to cook. The flavor resembles something dainty, between very delicate veal and Ai oysters. I will stake my reputation as agourmet on this dish".