Neapolitan Sorbetto

"Some of you make the best ices in the world, of which I have had practical experience. But why is it that it is impossible to get the Neapolitan sorbetto, which is something between a water ice and a glassful of flavored snow in a state of thaw? Gramolata, I should call it, rather, or granita, as in Florence. I presume it is as easy to make as a water ice, and only needs less freezing. In the summer it is the invariable first breakfast of the Neapolitan, who would be thrown into a fever by any hot beverage. The favorite flavors are lemon, coffee, and cedar, and it is usually eaten with biscuits or crescents".

Roman Granito

Equal parts of strong coffee and plain sugar syrup, put into wide-inouthed bottles, placed in a freezing mixture of ice and salt till half frozen, served in coffee cups or glasses.

Claret Granito

Juice of 6 oranges, rind of 2, 1 pt. syrup, 1 pt. claret; the orange rind previously steeped in the syrup. Half frozen like romatt granito.

Punch Granito

Made of 3 wineglassfuls each of tea, brandy, nun, syrup, maraschino, pineapple syrup, orange and lemon juice and a pint of champagne. Same way as other granitos.

Glace A L'Orange

Made of 1 qt. syrup, 1 pt. orange juice, rind of 3 oranges infused in 1 pt. water, strained, frozen.

Oranges Filled With Ices

Circular piece cut out, orange skin emptied with spoon, filled with orange ice in which are glace fruits "Soaked in maraschino. Piece replaced, oranges frozen in sorbetiere before serving.

Reine Claude Ice

Green-colored ice-cream, made of pulp of green-gage plums mixed with whipped cream after being nearly frozen. (See Gateau Stanley).

Frozen Souffles

Equal parts of rather firm and sweet custard, strongly flavored with vanilla, white of egg beaten stiff, and whipped cream. Mix these three ingredients very lightly together, and fill into moderate-sized paper souffle-cups, which place in an ice-cave.

Pistachio Custard Ice

Custard made of cream, sugar and yolks, pistachio nuts blanched and pounded, green coloring, orange flower water, vanilla; frozen as ice cream.

Orgeat Ice

Orgeat is milk of almonds, made by pounding 1/2 lb. almonds, adding 3 qts. water, sugar, orange flower water, strained, frozen.

Glace Creme De The

Tea ice-cream.

Glace Creme De Vanille

Vanilla ice-cream.

Glace Creme De Ratafias

Almond macaroon ice-cream.

Glace Creme Bavaroise

Frozen Bavarian cream.

Glace Creme De Florida

Ice-cream with infusion of orange flowers.

Glace Creme De Cafe

Coffee ice-cream.

Glace Creme De Noyau

Noyau ice-cream.

Creme D'Abricots

Apricot ice-cream.

Creme De Peches

Peach ice-cream.

Creme De Fraises

Strawberry ice-cream.

Creme De Framboises

Raspberry ice-cream.