Creme De Groseilles

Currant ice-cream.

Creme De Cerises

Cherry ice-cream.

Creme De Raisins

Grape ice-cream.

Creme D'Ananas

Pineapple ice-cream.

Creme De Citron

Lemon ice-cream.

Creme D'Oranges

Orange ice-cream.

Creme D'Amandes

Almond ice-cream.

Creme De Pistaches

Pistachio nut ice-cream.

Creme De Marrons

Chestnut ice-cream.

Creme De Gingembre

Ginger ice-cream.

Glace Eau De Canneberges

Cranberry water-ice.

Glace Eau De Rhubarbe

Rhubarb water-ice.

Glace Eau De Ponche

Punch water-ice.

Eau De Melon

Melon water-ice.

Eau De Grenade

Pomegranate water-ice.

Eau De Mille Fruits

Mixed fruit water-ice.

Biscuit Glace

Made of thick sugar-6yrup flavored with vanilla, beaten into 8 yolks for each pint, stirred over a slow fire till it thickens, stirred again on ice till cold and frothy; mixed with equal quantity of cream whipped to froth; filled into paper cases powdered with macaroon dust; frozen in the cases.

Parfait Au Cafe

Coffee ice-cream frozen in a mould, made of coffee-syrup; beaten into 8 yolks for each pint, thickened over the fire; .stirred then on ice, mixed with whipped cream.

Charlotte Plombirres

Another name for tutti-frutti ice cream, or crema de vino; made of vanilla ice-cream mixed with whipped cream, kirschtuasser to flavor, and candied fruits; frozen as a charlotte in a mould lined with lady-fingers.

Glace De Plombieres

Almond custard mixed with whipped cream and frozen; not moulded, but served with apricot jam.

Gateau Glace A L'Eloise

A mould lined with whipped cream frozen, interior filled with, stewed cherries in custard, all frozen solid; turned out; served with a custard over it.

Baked Ice Cream Or Glace Meringuee Au Four

Ice cream turned out of a mould, covered with very cold meringue and quickly browned a little in a hot oven or with red-hot iron.

Ice Baked In Paste Or Glaces Au Four

Small pieces of ice folded in paste carefully to exclude the air; baked brown quickly in a hot oven.

Bombe A La Souveraine

Mould lined with white paper, inside coated with almond ice-cream, filled up with tea custard mixed with whipped cream; frozen solid in mould.

Mousse Au Cafe Vierge

Coffee custard mixed when cold with whipped cream; frozen solid in a mould.

Charlotte Glace A La Medicis

Charlotte-russe filled with chocolate icecream.

Glace Pralinee A L'Orange

Mould filled on one side with almond nougat ice-cream, the other side with orange water-ice.

Filbert Ice Cream

Nougat or filbert candy pounded, used to flavor the cream.

Florentine Ice Cream

Custard and cream flavored strongly with orange -rind; frozen.

Mousse Aux Fraises

Strawberry pulp, sugar and whipped cream frozen.

Muscovite With Currants

Russian or whipped jelly made of currant juice and gelatine, mixed with whipped cream frozen in a mould.

Mousse Au Cafe Noir

Coffee custard when cold mixed with whipped cream and frozen.

Mousse Aux Peches

Pulp of ripe raw peaches with custard and whipped cream; frozen.

Muscovite Of Peaches

Peach pulp, sugar, gelatine and water mixed with whipped cream, and frozen.

Mousse Au Marasquin

Custard of yolks and syrup flavored with maraschino and kirschwasser, mixed with whipped cream, and frozen.

Muscovite Of Pineapple

Grated pineapple, sugar and gelatine made into jelly, whipped, mixed with whipped cream, and frozen.

Bombe Aux Fruits

Bomb-shaped mould lined with chocolate ice-cream, center filled with tutti-frutti; frozen solid.

Excellent Au Cafe

Coffee-flavored custard mixed with whipped cream, and frozen in a square mould.

Spongade Di Roma

Frozen egg-nogg.

Brown Bread Ice Cream

Slice of brown bread without crust, and slice of sponge cake dried in the oven, pounded, sifted, mixed in curacao; frozen.

Punch Ice Cream

Made of 1 pt. cream, 2 glasses Jamaica rum, 1/2 pt. green tea, juice of 1/2 lemon, 8 oz. sugar; frozen.

Crema Di Vino

A tutti-frutti with wine made of cream custard; white wine, sugar, cut candied fruits; frozen.

Rice Ice Cream

Rice boiled in milk, mixed with Custard and cream; frozen.

Cocoanut Ice Cream

Either white or yellow, made by mixing grated fresh cocoa-nut, or desiccated cocoanut scalded in either custard and cream or starch-thickened cream.

Panachee Ice Crkam

Different colored ices in the same mould; marbled ice-cream; ribbon ice-cream; harlequin ice-cream.

Glucose In Ice Cream

See Glucose. Glucose used for sweetening instead of sugar makes ice cream smooth and light and foamy; a valuable wrinkle.

Gelatine In Ice Cream

A small quantity of gelatine, not more than 1 oz. in 2 qts., makes it smooth and light and less easy to melt. Wine jelly or any gelatine jelly can be employed as well.