Almond Macaroons (Soft)

Light, hollow; made with a pound of sugar, one ounce corn starch, half pound crushed almonds, three whites, beaten light, baked slack on sheets of paper, taken off paper by brushing bottom with water.

Almond Fingers

Cake icing with almond paste mixed in, run on pans like lady-fingers; slack bake.

Almond Cream Pie

Pastry cream made of milk, sugar, flour, eggs and crushed almonds or paste, baked in a thin crust of puff paste.

Almond Nougat Cake

White almond candy in a shape, made of one pound sugar, two pounds shred almonds, dried and warm, and a tablespoon of vinegar to dissolve the sugar over fire; almonds mixed in after sugar melts; flattened on slab and pressed into mould like a lining; can be filled with cream.

Almond Cheese Cakes

Almond cream pies made in small patty pans; same mixture may have whipped whites of eggs stirred in or on top.

Almond Croquantes

Nearly same as rout cakes; made by moistening almond paste with yolks of eggs, or pounding almonds and sugar and yolks together; rolling out in sugar, cutting shapes, baking, then dipping in boiling sugar, and drying.

Almond Custard

Custard either baked or boiled, flavored with almonds or almond extract.

Almond Cream Ice

English for almond ice cream.

Almond Ice Cream

Any ice cream or frozen custard having almond paste mixed in.

Bisque Of Almonds

Almond ice cream in moulds.

Almond Chocolate

Bleached almonds dipped in hot chocolate icing and dried on paper.

Almond Blanc Mange

Blanc mange or Bavarian cream with almonds or paste in it.

Almond Fritters

Same as cream fritters or fried cream made with corn starch, with almond paste in it, cut like cold pudding in pieces, breaded and fried.

Almond Jumbles

Same as hard macaroons rolled out like cookies.

Almond Meringues

Same as egg kisses or meringues a la cream, with shred almonds and granulated sugar dredged on before baking - may be filled two together with almond cream or served plain.

Almond Omelet

An ordinary omelet with almond paste crumbled in sugar strewed on it and rolled up in it, more on top, and glazed with hot iron.

Salted Almonds

Almonds blanched, sprinkled with salt and a little cayenne, fried in butter till a rich gold color, drained on paper; served cold with salt.

Devilled Almonds

English name for salted almonds.

Almond Pudding

No. /-Made of fine bread crumbs and almond paste mixed in, like bread custard pudding. No. 2-A steamed batter pudding with bread crumbs, almond paste and whipped whites in the batter, in moulds or cups. No. 3-A. white cake mixture with raisins and almond paste in it; steamed.

Almond Croquettes

Almond paste and sponge cake crumbs moistened with sweet wine and white of egg, made into croquette shapes, breaded and fried.

Almond Soup

No. 1-Any cream soup may have a puree of almonds added for flavor and the name. No. 2- A milk soup made without meat, but with a paste of pounded almonds and also shredded almonds in it. No. 3-The original potage a la reine is said to have been a cream of chicken and almonds.

Almond Hedgehog

Made with almond paste, eggs, flour, butter, cream and flavoring stirred over fire until stiff enough to form in the shape of a hedgehog on dish - a sort of rich hasty pudding, in effect, or pastry cream made stiffer - stuck full of split almonds to represent spines; served with sauce like pudding.

Almond Layer Cake

Almond paste stirred into boiling syrup, yolk of eggs to thicken it, spread between layers of thin cakes, or rolled like jelly roll; can be made white instead of yellow by using whites to thicken.

Almond Paste Adulteration

It is charged against the manufacturers by the analysts that the almonds are first deprived of their oil, which is a separate article of commerce, and are then flavored with prussic acid.