Much valued in pastry and confectionery for their pea-green color and almond flavor. The nut is gathered in the green state. It is about the size of a filbert, is the seed of a tree which grows in Italy and the East. Is generally found in the Italian fruit stores ready shelled, but has a reddish husk which is removed by scalding, like almonds. The price varies as the crop sometimes fails, but a common price is about 40 cents a pound. While the flavor is delicate it is weak and needs the addition of almond flavor to make it complete.

Pistachio Ice Cream

Pounded pistachios and almonds pounded, some spinach juice or safe vegetable green coloring to heighten the color, (which, in whatever these nuts are used, should always be green), glucose, sugar and cream frozen.

Pistachio Fritters

Chopped pistachios in twice their weight of sweet ftitter batter, dropped by spoonfuls in hot lard and fried - these can be made green fritters by adding spinach green.

Creme De Pistaches

Pistachio ice cream.

Petites Meringues Aux Pistaches

Kiss meringues sprinkled with chopped pistachios and filled with whipped cream.

Bavarois Aux Pistaches

Bavarian cream, green, with pounded pistachios and almonds, sprinkled over when turned out of mould with chopped pistachios.

Petits Choux En Gimblettes

Cream puffs like jumbles, that is, in rings, dipped in syrup, then in chopped pistachio nuts and sugar.

Petits Puits Aux Pistaches

Little wells of pastry; i.e., puff paste tartlets, brushed over with syrup, covered with choprjed pistachios and sugar and filled with whipped cream.

Gateau De Pistaches

Pistachio cakes made in all the same ways as almond cakes. (See Almond).

Plaice   Plie.

Plaice - Plie.