Fresh-water fish common and plentiful in America. The pike has been honored with the most elaborate cooking in France, pike a la Chambord being an artistic dish. There are many better fish than the pike, however, and it makes only a good ordinary fry or broil at a moderate price in this country.

Brochet A La Regence

"The pike was cooked for 2 hours in strong gravy and 3 bottles of champagne; the stuffing was of pounded crayfish and whiting, and the pike was also covered an inch thick all over with the same, the head and eyes being marked out with chopped truffles, and the body covered with 'bracelets' of truffles and crayfish tails, with rosettes of filleted sole. Bunches of eel-cutlets were not wanting, nor pyramids of mushrooms, nor oysters, nor carps' tongues and milts, nor ten of Ca-rfime's never ending skewers, fitted out with the same garnitures; and then you behold lebrochet a la Regence, which some miserable plagiarists had the audacity to put in a menu opposite a dish of small fish!"