Italian-paste dumplings; equivalent to the German klose - made of equal weights of eggs, butter, and flour worked together, dropped by spoonfuls in boiling water; eaten with grated cheese and butter, or with soup, or finished as macaroni, etc., in the oven.


Another variety of raviol.s, made the same except the filling is of minced cooked beef with cheese and fried onion; served aside with soup, or in cheese, sauce and butter baked.


Paste balls like noques, but differently made; of 5 oz. flour in 1/2 pt. boiling water, table-spoonful butter, 1 oz. cheese, 3 eggs; similar to cheese fritters; poached, finished like macaroni and cheese; baked. Another variety has pounded chicken meat mixed in the paste.

Timbale A La Milanaise

A kind of macaroni raised-pie; the macaroni boiled, mixed with truffles, mushrooms, red tongue, and cream sauce; baked in a mould lined with short paste; turned out whole.

Risotto Piemontaise

Rice fried raw with onion in butter; boiled in broth sufficient, with butter and cheese; served aside with soup.

Risotto Napolitaine

Rice as above, with tomato sauce, butter, cheese, mushrooms, etc.; served alone or with soup.

Italian Pyramid

Rings of puff-paste of decreasing sizes baked separately, piled on each other with marmalade spread betwen; ornamented.

Italian Cream

Yellow cream-custard strongly flavored with cinnamon, with whipped cream added, and gelatine about 1 oz. to each quart to set it in a mould.

Italian Pudding

A deep dish lined with puff-paste, layer of half-cooked slices of apples on the bottom; sugar and wine; bread-custard to fill up; baked. (See Flan).

Italian Steamed Pudding

Panada of bread-crumbs in boiling milk mixed with sugar, yolks, vanilla, raisins, whipped whites; it rises like a souffle' when steamed; to be served immediately, with saba-yon (zabbaglione).

Other Italian Dishes

Ices, salads, and sauces, may be found in great numbers in all cookbook directions; they may be known by the appellations Medicis (Catherine de Medicis introduced Italian cookery into France), Napolitaine Romaine, Sicilienne, and all such allusions to Italian cities.

Italian Ante Pasto

Signifies the entire list of appetizers or cold hors d'teuvres. See also Ices, Granito, Grissini Bread, Macaroni.