Cream of tartar, 30 oz.; bicarbonate of soda, 15 oz.; flour, 5 oz.; mixed. " I chanced to pick up as my dinner companion one of the officers of a leading baking-powder company. Probably others will be surprised as was the lounger to learn that their sales of the single article of baking powder reach $3,500,000 or more. At 35 cents per pound this represents the distribution of 10,000,-000 pounds of powder. I managed to worm out of my friend that the company has a capital of $160,000. Then I commenced to do a little figuring on my own account. I happened to have in my note-book the formula for a baking powder, viz.: 100 lbs. cream tartar, 38 lbs. bicarbonate of soda, 7 lbs. tartaric acid, and 20 lbs. rice flour. Taking the latest current quotations of these articles I figured out the cost of a batch of baking powder, and, with that as a basis, we came to the conclusion that the company must divide up somewhere from $600,000 to $Soo,ooo a year. We no longer wonder why the stockholders build rows of brown-stone fronts in Brooklyn. I then wheeled around and asked my companion the secret of the success of his company against many rivals, when he replied: ' There are just two things about it.

First, we resolved to make the best baking powder that could be made, and, second, to let the people know it.' We imagine that is the reason why they advertise in over 5,000 different newspapers and compel the grocers to keep their baking powder in stock, whether they want to or not".