Private dinner at the Magnolia Hotel, St. Johns River, Florida:


"Lying with simple shells." Chateau Yquem. - Pericles, act iii, seene.

"When the butt is out we will drink water; not a drop before. - Tempest, act Hi, scene ii.


Tortue verte, claire.

"A most delicate monster".

Duke's Montillo. - Tempest, act ii, scene iv.

"Give me a cup of sack".

Henry IV, part i, act ii, scene iv.

Hors D'Ceuvres

Varies. Varies.

Petits vols-au-vent, a la financiere.

"A mystery; aye, sir, a mystery".

Measure for Measure, act iv, scene ii.



"A royal fish; it shall be divided".

-;' Black, Com., ccxxii.

"That sort was well fished for".

- Tempest; act ii, scent i.

Pommes de terre. Concombres. Tomates.



Filet de bceuf, pique, aux truffes Perigord.

"What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?" - Taming of the Shrew, act iv, scene Hi.

"The ox knoweth its owner and the ass his master's crib." - Isaiah i, iii.

Moet and Chandon's Cremant d'Ay.

"Come, thou monarch of the vine, Plumpy Bacchus, with pink eyne." - Anthony and Cleopatra, act ii, scene vii.


Points d'asperges au beurre.

Petits pois, a la Francaise.

Champignons, frais, au champagne.

"To feed on flowers and weeds of glorious feature".

- Spencer: The Fate ofthe Butterfly, line 209.

Pate" de volaille en Bellevue.

"For this, be sure, to-night thou shalt have cramps; Side-stitches that shall pen thy breath up".

- Tempest, act i, scene ii. Chateau Margaux.

"The next they brought up was a bottle of wine as red as blood." - Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Mayonaisc de chevrette.

"This salad was born to do ine good".

Henry VI, part ii, act iv.

Tomates, farcis, a la duchesse.

"'Appetite comes with eating,' says Angeston".

- Rabelais.

Grenadines de filet de chapon, a la Sultan.

"A feast of fat things".

- Isaiah, xxv, vi.

Sorbet au fleur d'orange.

"What! must our mouths be cold?"

Tempest, act i, scene i.


Becasse. Bfoissines, a l'Anglaise.

"What is the opinion of Prthagoras concerning wildfowl?" - Twelfth Night, act iv, scene ii.

"The peacock is an aga, but the little bird is a bul-bul." - Thackeray, Oriental Love Song.


"My salad days,

When I was green in judgment".

Anthony and Cleopatra, act i, scene v. Chambertin.

"We shall feast high with the blood of Burgundy." - Scott, Quentin Durward.


Omelette souffle. Charlotte, a la Russe. Gelee au champagne.

"A wilderness of sweets." - Milton: Paradise Lost, book v, line 204.

"We are such stuff As dreams are made of".

- Tempest, act iv, scene i.

Glace Napolitaine.

"When it is baked with frost".

- Tempest, act i, scene ii.


"Copia pressi lactis".

- Vergilius, Ecl. i.

Roquefort. Stilton.


"Let us have peace!" - Ulyses.

Fruits Et Dessert

"Stay me with flagons; comfort me with apples." - Song of Solomon, xi, v.


"Coffee, which makes the politician wise, And see through all things with his half-shut eyes." - Pope, Rape of the Lock. Chartreuse. "Good! yet remember whom thou hast abroad." - Tempest, act i, scene i.

Menu of the supper served at a great charity ball given at the Hotel de Ville in aid of the poor of Paris. The feast was served by Messrs. Polet and Chabot, of the Rue Vivienne, at ten francs a head:

Consomme de volaille.

Truite saumonee, sauce verte froide.

Filet de bceuf glacee.

Galantine de poularde truffle.

Chaufroid de merles de Corse.

Pates de foie gras de Strasbourg.

Salade Venetienne.


Bordeaux. Medoc.

Partaken of by;it least five thousand persons, more than a thousand being turned empty away.